Linkin Park has made so much progress in little time, along with great songs. They have experimented with new sounds and have an epic background that chnged music of the new generation. Everyone wonders what will come next, so what are your thoughts?

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I think that the next album should be a back to the basics nu metal hybrid theory/meteora album. I won't say hateful stuff about the newest albums (I'm not the biggest fans of them sorry) but I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd love some old-school, angst filled nu metal from you guys! What I think you should do is alternate between the heavy old school stuff and the new sound you've interpreted on Living things, so the next album should be heavy, then the album after that should be softer and so on. Similar to Alice in chains, who alternated between softer rock and heavier metal. I look forward to a (hopefully) back to basics hybrid theory album from Linkin Park soon!

I absolutely love the direction they are going and in my opinion LP has only perfected themselves more and more from album to album...

What would I like to see?? I would like to continue to see them defining themselves as indefinable :) I love how they forever are changing but never really losing what makes them 'Linkin Park'. LIVING THINGS was sad & personal but was so hope infused that I connected with it instantly.

I would love to hear more tracks like Powerless and I would love to see more Canadian tours - Calgary to be specific... ;)

And I'd be interested to hear them incorporate a very tiny little bit of dubstep...hey, why not? Bet it would be awesome!

Less electro and techno and more rock and metal!!!!!!

Why dont u guys make a Reanimation?!

I would like to hear a meteora reanimation. As long as it is done as good as tge hybrid theory reanimation.

i realy realy want to hear somthing like hybrid theory and meteora (maybe minute to the midnight) this album are great and is like one of the best album i ever hear

Back to basics for next album, i'd like to hear more hybrid theory and meteora type songs but i did really love living things was a great album. Was a little disappointed with a thousand suns if im honest.

i would like to hear more type of music like the first two albums hybrid theory and metorora

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