Linkin Park has made so much progress in little time, along with great songs. They have experimented with new sounds and have an epic background that chnged music of the new generation. Everyone wonders what will come next, so what are your thoughts?

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I'd love the energy and feel of Living Things put with the issues approached in A Thousand Suns.

I'd like to hear some of the old, dark screamy and deep sounds, with at some songs a little taste of the more acoustic Minutes to Midnight

Definitely more styles like on hybrid theory and meteora!!

I love your music guys thanks for a great musical influence. I've loved every album each one different. A Thousand Suns is the best in my opinion followed by Minutes to Midnight. I'm hoping that a future sixth will be at the top of the list. I know this message doesn't have much influence if any at all but I'm happy to give my opinion. If you all are planning on ending on this album ( I hope not ) I would enjoy a recap of all of the albums. Integrate a style from each one. For the new style I would advise a more natural sound with some electronic kinda like A Thousand Suns. The difference I would like though is a more forward stronger music. Having soft melodies and a strong chorus. I really enjoy The Little Things Give You Away the background music is perfect. A few songs I would like you to listen to by other artists :
Lights - Ellie Gouldling
Glory - Hollywood Undead ( main chorus and instrumental )
Lost - Avenged Sevenfold
A combination of these kind of sounds added with a Linkin Park style would create something wonderful. I know each of these songs are different in sounds but you guys can do it. I really like the last half of UNTIL IT BREAKS it kinda has a Fun sound to it. Whatever the sixth album sounds like you'll do great you guys always do. Thanks for your time.

I am unsure right now. Linkin Park has indeed made incredible songs! It's hard to say. They're music's so good!

You guys should go back to the roots and blend Hybrid Theory and Meteora styles together!!!!

I think I would like to hear something new, but still a "Linkin Park sound". You know...something that will make you say that it sounds like LP, but there is something different - new.
I LOVE Hybrid Theory A LOT, but I don't think they will go back to that sound. I've heard the LPU 12 tracks and as we all know, most of the tracks in LPU CDs are being developed and improved, and sometimes will be included in their coming albums. I think they are going back a bit to making really loud music, ya know rock/metal.But there might be a lot of techno - maybe to catch up with this generation? coz today we rely so much with modern techs even in making music. However, I believe that LP will always stick to the traditional way. Like they'll still use real instruments in the making.Coz that's what they are- they are LINKIN PARK. They link different genres, make them sound good all together and put them in one track.
I think, I'm more excited to see how they'll make the next album, ya know, the making. Coz the most important is the journey, not the end product. I know that it's more important for the guys, too. So...yeah I'll stay tune in LPTV A LOT MORE =)

I really want linkin park to go back to it's roots. Like hybrid theory and meteora, even they EP album, hybrid theory. It's probably because the lyrics were so true and you an relate to it. The sounds were so great and amazing. I miss mike's rapping or Chester's screams. They were the musical icons during the early 2000s. Spiked up hair, long shirts, baggy pants. I understand if they dress like that anymore, but at least bring back the old style linkin park. New divide is a pretty good modern linkin park song. I realized that linkin park had a lot more rock/metal to their songs. I wish they would bring that back, even the whole fans want that back.

I love the way they're going <3 I want hear what I'm hearing <3

More instruments definitely :) Maybe Mike could add in some rock organs like a hammond. I saw one in the studio during the making of ATS documentary, but I dont think it was used. Maybe a cover or two?

I'd like some more living things. We need more folk rock like castle of glass, more dubstep, and a few songs done classic-style like lost in the echo. Also more songs, 14 or 15 maybe (not intermissions)

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