Linkin Park has made so much progress in little time, along with great songs. They have experimented with new sounds and have an epic background that chnged music of the new generation. Everyone wonders what will come next, so what are your thoughts?

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Something like Hybrid Theory or Meteora.

I definitely think we'll be surprised with living things sort of taking a small step back towards their routes I think their creations in the studio could well continue in that way. Personally being a huge A Thousand Suns fan to beat that album would mean something completely different taking me by storm so I don't know what to expect. I don't think that because Hybrid Theory is Linkin Parks favorite album you can think they will be making tributes to it. I'm very excited and can't wait! Roll on 6th album, Roll on shows in August!

You know, actually, my opinion changed. I mean the song When They Come For Me means that Linkin park loves experimenting with different styles. So, LP, anything you wanna experiment with. And they started writing songs already.

I think the 6th album should be a mix of Meteora, ATS, and Living Things. It should have a bit effects mix from Reanimation. Linkin Park should have bit metal, more rap and rock. The album should sound like "Until It Breaks" "Don't Stay" and like "Burn It Down." Linkin Park should not follow the way society is, maybe they should stick with the styles they know will stick out from other atists. I do like that they add electronica, they should have it on the 6th album. Im positive, the 6th album will surprise us all as Linkin Park fans. GO LINKIN PARK

I would like to hear more songs like castle of glass and some songs like hands held high

Another remix album like reanimation would be awesome!

They wont wont release albums like Meteora and HT. These 2 are my favorites, but they would sound very outdated if repeated at the moment, especially the electronic influence they had on the first albums. Also, the band has pretty much moved on and aren't interested in what they've done 10 years ago anyway, which is pretty understandable as they've matured a lot; performing songs like A Place for my Head now wouldn't be that exciting for them.

I think they should do something new and different again, but more memorable. A Thousand Suns was mediocre, Living Things was nice, Minutes to Midnight was a lot better, but compared to other bands they're just not favorites or memorable anymore.

actually they did meteora reanimation, it's collision course.reanimation was a remix album, collision course was a remix/mash up album

James Eli Smith said:

I would like to hear a meteora reanimation. As long as it is done as good as tge hybrid theory reanimation.

I wish they would make new numetal/alternative metal and rock/raprock and metal.

I read this on another site and it caught my eye, "I want to see sort of a trance metal album. Ya know. ATS only heavier"
I like this idea, a heavier ATS with more tracks like "Wretches and Kings" would make a good 6th Album

You guys made so many experiences with Minutes to Midnight , A thousand suns and Living things. And don´t get me wrong, these Albums are more than great. I really love them. But I think after those albums I can speak for many other fans out there : Go back to the Nu metal/Rap sound. Back to Hybrit Theory and Meteora. It would be amazing. And yes, We all know that you are getting older and your taste in music is of course changed. But if I´m honest, I can´t really imagine how the next album would sound if you just go on with the A thousand suns/Living things style. I mean that will be just the same..and yeah, Living things should be a summarize of every album from the past and all the things you´ve learned. But of course it´s not the same than Hybrit theory or Meteora. So please, go back to this sound and show us again who you are.
Apart from this fact, I want to say that I love every Album from you guys! Wheter it´s more metal or electronic. You are the best band. I would just love the idea to move on with the Nu metal/Rap style. Because this is who you guys are :) And I think that many other fans have the same opinion...

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