Linkin Park has made so much progress in little time, along with great songs. They have experimented with new sounds and have an epic background that chnged music of the new generation. Everyone wonders what will come next, so what are your thoughts?

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I honestly just wanna hear LP again at their finest , its that simple.

I think that the new album should be something like Meteora. I really love that album and I think the guys from LP should go back to their old style of music and singing. I mean Chezy’s voice is wonderful and doesn’t need all those special effects like by “A light that never comes”, yeah the song is cool but it could have been even cooler if it was less electronic. I like metal, rap and rock but electronic - I don’t think so. I’m a really big fan of LP so I listen to all their songs and albums and hope they’ll go back to their old days. They don’t have to sing the same old songs, but to keep using their old style by the making of new songs.

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