Linkin Park has made so much progress in little time, along with great songs. They have experimented with new sounds and have an epic background that chnged music of the new generation. Everyone wonders what will come next, so what are your thoughts?

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I think that Linkin Park is definitely in being older! They definitely can`t do what they used to before. And that is what `fans`are saying. More Hybrid Theory and more Metora, but it`s not going to happen. And I dont want to have them pressured into killing themselves to create a new album thats really heavy. I like a balanced album. Linkin Park`s style has been a little bit of everything and that is what their albums should sound like.. I dont want to compare what I want their new ablum to sound like to anything they have created before because thats not going to happen either. Linkin Park always has a way of suprising us with a new sound and I hope they do that in their next album!!!

I think mike needs to put more energy into his rapping. Make it a little more edgy. The elctronic sounds need to be dumbed down quite a bit and add in more actual instruments aka brad on guitar. It seems he isn't as prevalent in the band as he used to be. As far as drums, i would like to see rob playing acoustic drums mostly with spare electronic drums, unlike the newest albums where i feels its all electronic drums. Chester has improved with his voice quite a bit. His screams arent as strong but still very good, so i would like to see more heavier riffs and screaming from him. I know they have matured and changed their sound, but to me not for the better, but i understand why they did it. Idk if anyone else has noticed but at shows, the crowds have the most energy and get the most excited when they play their older tracks not their newer ones. If i were linkin park i would create energetic material that gets the crowd off their feet and in the air, im tired of seeing them stand around now. More crowd surfing and pits would be nice too. I also think linkin park themselves should be more energetic on stage and show that they are more excited to play their material, instead of standing still and playing power chords. Let me know if anyone else agrees with me or has a response to my comment.

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