What does the rest of your family think to LP?

Do they like them?

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I really love them... they are awesome...especially Chester Bennington...
My whole family and all of my friends hate them! :( Only my 11 year old little sis likes a few of their songs from minutes to midnght. I dont care I'll be an LP fan forever!
Alright. This is an interesting topic. My parents don't really care much about it, but sometimes they do listen to the music. My brother loves them as much as I do. While my sister doesn't like them. She thinks the music is noise. For my friends, well, they don't care.
well altough my father visited a concert with me my parents dun rly like LP
they say LP songs are horrible screaming noises and no music oO
but well .. at least im a fan :P
Me (26) - Big fan of them!
My Sis (35) - Like their latest album MTM
My Mom (54) - Cannot speak English and don't really care about LP, lol
my sis, I guess the only song she likes is Numb XD
my dad think it's shit
and my mom....well, when she saw my desktop with Chester, she thinks he looks like a badass, who only take drugs and stuff, just because he has tattoos XDD
but well, nobody actually cares about them anyway
Well, about my mum, she likes some of their songs :D and my dad don't mind them xD
all my friends like Linkin Park, even if they just like 1 or 2 songs
*my dad doesn't mind them
My mom likes LP but she't not so a big fan, she likes much kinds of music. ^^ (rock, pop, techno, trance bla :D)
And my dad... omg, he hates LP, he said "you gets headache from this music" because he likes "party-music"... music like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFPQikAlm1Q o_O
But he likes only one song... shadow of the day! :D
Okay, he also likes bands how metallica... but LP, omg no, LP is sooo omg no way... :D xD

My brothers... brother one likes music from the 80's, brother two likes hardcore techno and brother three likes techno, trance, party-music etc...

Ouuh but my uncle... he said a few month ago "you listen LP? cool, great band" and I said "what?! O.o you like them?!"
I'm a LP-fan since 6 years or longer, man! O_ô xD
well i went to an lp concert w/ my dad and he said they sound rlly good live and that they rocked. i actually got one of my friends hooked on them and my sister's BFF hooked on them as well. its weird how sometimes i'll have friends and then one day when we're in conversation well get across the point that they love linkin park; i actually (not meaning to) become friends w/ some ppl who are pretty obsessed w/ em or like their music. but i don't rlly know anyone who hates them :D
my sister introduced me to them ...but she's not into them now...my another sister thinks chester's really cute but annoyed with my obsession ..my mother didn't even knew who they were but now she likes a couple of songs and my dad it's ok with it ...
Everybody I know loves LP the best band EVER mixing rap and rock awesome. Got all their albums legally just can't wait till a new album drops be at the music store and so won't everybody I know actually listening to new divide right now.

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