What does the rest of your family think to LP?

Do they like them?

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My cousin is the one who brought me to the "LP side" a long time ago. My father when I started listening to LP hated Chester, because of Chester's ability to scream. My father hates the stuff they used to play, even now, when I put on some of the old songs, he's like: "Turn it off immidiately" Though, now, he's more tolerant towards Chester, but when it comes to Mike...he just laughs out of his new haircut like an idiot. Joe will always stay the "crazy Asian guy" to him. Out of all of them, my dad thinks that Phoenix is the most "normal" :D My mom loves some of their songs, and at the same time hates other songs. Although, she also loves Mike's artwork. My grandparents never understood English, and they never will I guess. Nor will they understand why LP stopped being "a metal boy band".
My family dosen't mind Linkin Park. They let me listen to any of there song in the car. Though my mom and dad don't wrealy like Linkin Park. They think they scream and rap to much though my dad did like a few songs of there album minutes to midnight. My bother is not that big of a fan of Linkin Park. He only likes a few songs. I am told that I am too obsesed by my parents and friends. Though Linkin Park is my fav band along with Green Day.
My whole family loves linkin park mom, dad, sister and brothers even cousins. We play lp all the time in parties or just on a regular day.
Oh yea...my mom like crawling, shadow of the day and some songs of MTM, but she dont like LP's heavy and rap songs.
My dad likes only Numb and In the end
What surprised me was that my parents actually kind of like them!They're not total fans like me,but they don't mind them.My mom likes Bleed it out a lot (wierd right?), and my dad...i'm not sure,but he likes What I've done. Come to think of it,i dont think they've even heard Hybrid theory...!I'll play it in the car sometime ^^

(not the topic,but everyone else has>) My friends love LP!Well,i dont think they do as much as me,but they say LP is their fave band.I introduced them to LP (but almost all there favorite stuff i've shown them!;D);I believe all of them are Chester fans(along with me too!)-we still luv the whole band!I even got my friend's dad into LP!(and a few of my teachers like LP too!)
my family thinks LP is stupid, and that Chester's screaming is satanic.
Tiernan (Moderator) said:
My daughter likes LP, but she's not a super fan like I am. And she's 9, lol.

My husband however, cannot stand them. He calls them a boy band. I usually smack him when he says that! But he's wonderful, even though he doesn't like LP. He went to the Meteora concert with me in 2003, and actually commented on how well they played. And he doesn't give me too bad of a time when I spend hours a day on this site, lol.
My family my mates my work mates all ate LP i can't understand it.I have tickets for the Manchester uk concert.
My son in law said he will come wih me on one condition,no LP hat or LP t shirt,i said o/k can't wait.
I am 53 years of of age and never been into rock bands,but LINKIN PARK are amazing.
I agree with you, LP are superb,i am going to the Manchester uk concert november 4 2010
My mom and dad dont really care what I listen to except I cant play the loud songs in the car while i am with them.. I can play some M2M stuff thats slow...

My sister likes some songs....

But most of my friends don't like LP and they dont get my obbsession at all.. since all of them are RnB listeners and I am one of the few who likes rock, they now know that its just best to leave me alone with LP and not say a word against them :)

The ones who do are not die hard fans.. thats why i spend so much time on this site talking to people who are die hard fans :D
My mom isn't into metal, so no. It's too bad, she doesn't know what she's missing. :)
They don´t know them ¬¬ except for my brother and 4 cousins, but they don´t like this music stile, so... I´m alone TwT

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