What does the rest of your family think to LP?

Do they like them?

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My parents don't know them too. I have a few friends who like other style but they respect their music.
My dad is a beetles man, so he doesn't really appreciate LP :)
My mum hates rock all together
My sister likes LP
I crave LP :)
my mum likes Chester (she especially likes his hole in ears, lol xDD ), listens to the album M2M and little Meteora :D
My dad...he didn`t know this group, earlier, normally applies to them :D
In general, I was lucky. my grandmother even listen to LOATR xD
and just let them try something bad to say about the LP...i kill them! :D
my bros like em but my parents don't really like them they generalize too much. They think its just any old regular metal band. but I am friggen ADDICTED TO LINKIN PARK. I HAVE TO LISTEN TO LINKIN PARK AT LEAST ONCE A DAY LOL

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