What does the rest of your family think to LP?

Do they like them?

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they hate music!!! they say its evil!! HAHAHA BULLSHIT !LP SAVED MY LIFE! I DONT GIVE A SHIT WHAT THEY THINK! MY FRIENDS?! they can go F the back street gays up i dont care !!linkinparks THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! LOL EVERY ONE KNOWS I LOVE LP!!
In my house, the only one who likes LP is my brother.... just him, for the rest of my family is just nothing.
they hate LP! sorry:( despite the fact that i LOVE them VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!
My 3 older brothers all like LP alot but I like them the most oh and my mom likes them too my dad knows LP but not that well actually but he doesn't listen to the newer music that much he likes more classic rock and other older stuff. But I'm a hardcore LP fan LP is the best band ever!!!
My brother is the one who gave me so much echoes of LP song in my mind (since I was really really young), but he can't stand listening to screaming songs (Given Up =)) except Bleed It Out <= He love it very much). He like romantic and melodic songs. Also 90s and some of 80s.
My mother also likes some songs of LP, but she couldn't hold her ears long enough for too many scream (Crawling is ok for her). She loves pops, dance and catchy songs (mustn't be so senseless in lyric if she can understand it)
My dad, who really don't like screaming. He doesn't hate LP (as he whistle What I've Done whenever he hears it). But his true love is Golden Age music (a kind of genre in my country).
Mum (53): She respects that I like them, but she's not a big music fan... she likes Amy Winehouse and Duffy, that kinda vibe.
Dad (51): Yep, he likes them, he likes classic rock music anyway (Led Zepplin, Deep Purple etc.)
Brother (23): Likes them likes metal and rock such as Metallica (who I am also a huge fan of), The Misfits, Green Day etc. (I went with him to a Green Day concert recently, if he'd take me to a LP gig one day... I only went because of Billie Joe... awww...)

Rest of my family don't know who LP is, my grandparents call is music for satan worshipers...
well my mom and dad cant stand lp ,they think to be irritating.my friends too dont like lp.they love all those cute girly cute songs.my sister some what likes lp.but whatever ,i dont care cause I LOVE LINKIN PARK!!!<3
My brother likes a few of their songs.

My da sas "They are pop, good pop, but still pop". But he's a metalica fan

My mom likes they're slower songs

I have only one friend who's into LP! The rest of them are fans of pop and r'n'b! :/ As far as my family, they really respect what they've accomplished and their dedication to music! My mom (54) likes stuff without Chester screaming :)), and I actually kinda forced my sister to like them! :D It doesn't even matter, I play them so loud and all the time, that they grew to love 'em! xD
That they are great butI am talking to much about them. :d
My parents are not enthusiastic about rock music, since my father is a Classical musician i dont blame them. My brother was like not supportive of me till 2003 i guess. But then slowly but surely lp grew on him too & now he loves 'em but not as much as me :p

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