So I've been waiting for a Linkin Park concert for years. I have not been able to go to one and finally in 2011 I got the chance. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I was out of the country during the LV concert so I took a weekend trip to Phoenix, AZ to see them on Feb, 28th, 2011. I can't explain the level of excitement I had. Finally, I was going to see one of the best bands of all time. I thought the US Airways Center was going to explode with energy. I played the Live in Texas DVD a million times, I mean, I could not wait another day to be there................. and then.............. an unbelievable disappointment... The only songs where people seemed to be into the concert was the old stuff. They played songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora to save the show. It was like down, down, down, Papercut, down, down, down, One step closer, down, down, down, Crawling, down, down, down.

Linkin Park, you are capable of creating the best music out there. You are a major sound powerhouse. You have lifted me when I was down and you have given me hours and hours of excitement. If you decide to release an album, you are responsible of making that album incredibly good, you have set your own bar, and Minutes to midnight and A thousand suns are not that great...

I mean, don't you miss the year 2003? People going nutz, jumping like they were going to die the day after, pouring their hearts out, walking out of the show feeling like they were in another world. Having that holy s**t feeling.


Please come back, we need you.

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