New member here.Dunno if I even posted on the right discussion,but here it goes.

I wanted to come here and ask this question long time back,but never did it.Now as I hear some of their classic songs,I kinda had the feeling to come here and ask all of you:

Why is LP so unpopular today?

Why do people look down if you listen to LP?

Why does people even say they sound "gay"?

What the hell happened to them?Can't they make great songs like the classics anymore?

Seriously,if you think this is some joke,then please leave this thread.This is a serious question I asked,no some bullsh*t.

Why do I care so much?

They were the "sh*t" back when I was in high school.Seriously,their songs were son good,everyone of us used to here it and I personally loved every one of them.There were times when their songs would even be showed between movie breaks.Now barely it is even mentioned and its all rap and other songs.Some tell me their latest album sucked to the point of being very gay,and I personally haven't heard them.So what is the big deal here?Is their band broken or something?

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look my dear friend.the idiots that say linkin park sucks they dont know about good music and they are the gay ones of course so if they say you something bad about them just say

 fuck you!! you dont know nothing about linkin park and tell me again that and you will die without balls nor kids.

they are not changing anything they are just THE BEST BAND OF THE WORLD they are not separated of nothing like that. actually they are very united and they are so hummble so ont worry they will be always there for us and their music will never change.

they dont put them in the radio because they think their music is too heavy and no one likes that (fuck them all) they re the best if you want send me an inbox and i will give you a thousand thigs that make linkin park the best

so keep in the right way soldier we will win this war and lp will always be in our hearts and in the world!!

because people nowaday listen to justin biber and lady gaga, because our world is strange and people are not appreciating good things

watch a concert from 2011 and look how hard they sound. just the band made 1 experiment and now some people say they are gay.well linkin park is nu metal.and they will stay nu metal thats the true. and thats true their music is heavy and its not for radio but let me tell you something there are 70 mil fans and they grow up every day and thats because they like heavy music.thats the best thing of linkin park. but some people listen to eminem and they say he is better :D with his 3 mil fans well linkin park got 70 mil fans.mike shinoda is much much much better than that guy.but pls watch live from madison scuare garden live from 2011 and see how many people are there and tell me have you seen more people at every f*cked justin beaber or eminem concert.linkin park are muhc more than everything else

Listen. Hybrid Theory is the highest grossing debut album of the 21st century. It combined rap and rock, similar to what rage Against the Machine was doing. It was amazing. The band members were into Graffiti, Hip Hop, Revolution, and Anime. Meteora was also pretty good, but Minutes to Midnight marked the end of Linkin Park as a seriously influential and amazing band. You say that people hate on Linkin Park because nowadays "people listen to lady gaga..." Linkin Park IS the same exact shit as lady gaga. They have completely sold out to the music industries, and their music actually does suck now, it really isn't good I promise. They have tailored their sound to fit the radios, and to fit into the ears of teenage girls across the world. Instead of standing for Revolution, they are slaves of their corporate sugar daddys. Its sad. It is truly sad. I went to a Linkin Park concert 10 years ago, they played with Snoop Dog and Ghostface Killah...man how times have changed...

And Eminem has more than 3 million fans...where the hell did you get that number from? You guys are all amateurs.

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