In older releases it seemed Linkin Park used to like more instrument based sound, even though they still went through a production process to polish their sound. Now it all seems they make music with computers, why? Guitars can barely be heard and drums its all electronic stuff. Man It's pure shit.

How I think Linkin Parks should move to improve:

1) They'd have to make guitars actually sound even if they're power chords.

2) More real drums

3) No Mike singing (I'm sorry you don't sing bad but it's chester duty)

4) Get rid of electronic stuff

MTM was the right direction to go, I can't understand how they got misleaded since ATS

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1)Boy, Linkin Park is a band That mixes all styles in one ...
Each album a new experience ...

2)Electronic drums are one of the signatures of the band ..

3)Mike is the brains of the band and fits in Almost all the instruments of the band,
When he sings a lot of energy goes into his lyrics ... 

4)You are crazy ? Review your concepts ..

I agree!!!!

1) Wrong. The only styles they "mix" is some attempt at metal and rap.

2) Electronic drums appeared in their discs since Minutes to midnight. There have been a few in previous releases, but it was not complete electronic shit like in these new albums they're putting out now. Just name the songs where you hear electronic drums in Hyrbid theory for example, cure for the itch is the only song. If you say that electronic drums are one of the signatures of the band then they should get rid of the drummer.

3) Yeah, sure he "plays" all the instruments but he sounds like he's still a apprentice. (How long has LP been aounrd? Like 10 years?)

4) I'm sure their next album will be complete bullshit like this new one, because of lots of kids these days who listen to any crap the radio brings out.

Btw, I downloaded the whole new album, just to confirm my thoughts.. and I was so right. I bet this new album will be forgotten in less than 1 month.

I do miss the old Linkin Park. Hybird Thery and Meteora(Excuse my spelling) were amazing, but a band can't keep the same sound. If a band keeps the same sound people will complain that their music is getting old. So, they have to change. I think that they made the change to early, after only 2 Albums, but that doesn't mean their music isn't great. It's just a different style. If you want to put the blame on someone I'd take it up with Rick Rubin, he was the one who changed them. A Thousand Suns was a total disappointment, but Living Things is a step in the right direction.

1), 2), 4) It's just them trying out a new style. Music is all about experimenting.

3) Mike is the one who adds the Hip-Hop to Linkin Park which their a Metal/Hip Hop hybird. He also had one of the most powerful songs in LP history "Hands Held High"

i agree with you LP must remove this fcked electronics and put real instruments like in meteora,HT but mike and chester must always sing(mike raps and chester screams his head out) thats the way LP should go

Metallica kept the same sound. Yes they grew with the times and have been around 30yrs. Take a page from their book.

To cheryll: You can't compare Linkin Park and metallica. At least Metallica has got better musicians.

To Josh Powell. What does experimenting mean? To put aside their instruments and make all of his music electronic? That's the easy way. They all should have Mr Hahn equipment then, if they decided not to play guitars, drums and bass.
You can experiment with real instruments, the big issue with Linkin Park is that they don't know how to be creative with them.
I can name bands who experimented and did well, but they're real bands.

I think Linkin Park is an extravagant larger than life thing that is at the highest level maturity in the world. They are the awesomest thing that has ever happened to me. Life has become more beautiful after listening to them sing. They should be the happiest people on earth.

As far as the Living Things goes, I think they should have played something new rather than the same old ways of playing. Their using of electronical and all the new sounds that they can get, is always appreciated. They should let it all go and reach to their creative highest not keeping in mind about what people say but being themselves. I think in Living Things, they have kept too much in mind about what people say. They shouldnt do that.

This time they just overused the electronic resource, thats why this album sucks... Plus the song themselves are composed in a very ugly way, they try so hard to pretend to do something different and cool but they fail.

they have failed this time i feel but all the previous albums were just super .... But you know man, i think LP has reached to the highest level of maturity and i think they should do something different other than making albums. They look very bored in this album to me. very disinterested. there are several other things in the world they can do .... if i were their manager, then i would have definitely recommended them several things that i have on my mind :D.....

Other than play music? I read somewhere that they'd release an album every 16 o months, but if they'll end up being ATS copies then it's just shit. In this post I forgot to add this: change producer.

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