In older releases it seemed Linkin Park used to like more instrument based sound, even though they still went through a production process to polish their sound. Now it all seems they make music with computers, why? Guitars can barely be heard and drums its all electronic stuff. Man It's pure shit.

How I think Linkin Parks should move to improve:

1) They'd have to make guitars actually sound even if they're power chords.

2) More real drums

3) No Mike singing (I'm sorry you don't sing bad but it's chester duty)

4) Get rid of electronic stuff

MTM was the right direction to go, I can't understand how they got misleaded since ATS

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hmmmm, yea i guess after Ric Rubben has come, there hasnt been much progress commercially..... but A Thousand Suns was a really awesome album..... i mean i liked it to be the best among all albums of theirs uptill was a hit among the critics too..... you are right, they had said they ll release an album every 18 months, chester said it.....

but i think ending with ATS is not bad.... it is an album which will start gaining respect eventually..... once people start accepting it as the last good album......
and i think if they start with something grander, they wont need to look back.... and i am not saying to leave music completely.....

1/ This is linked to their evolution from the very beginning. If you listen Burn it down in a live like in this video : you would hear much more the guitar.
3/ No Mike singing ? Are you kidding me ? He's the leader of the band ... And I could not imagine Chester singing Mike's lyrics ...

I agree with you that they're making more eletronic musics than a heavy metal, you know, more guitar and drums, but anyway I choose the Living Things than MTM. They've modified their style completely since MTM, you can't even hear a mike's rap (that make their song unique 'cause they mix eletronic music with rock and rap, that only Linkin Park can do, that's what defines them). And Chester has never been the duty one, Mike always sang together especially with his rap. Seems you want more a heavy metal or a rock band than Linkin Park.

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