I really want to know what you think is the best thing about Linkin Park (i.e. their lyrics, music, personalities, charity work, etc) is.

For me, I think that their lyrics and the amount of charity work they do is awesome!

What do u think?

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First thing took my attention first was "Lyric" I heard LP when i was 9 & Really fallen with Love with my the first song i heard by them was "In The End" 

& the most thing is making LP great is they are really different, they're not replying their songs from someone else, they have their own sens, their own tone of music , their own special lyrics & in my opinion no matter what 

LINKIN PARK never gonna repeat & never happened & never will ;D ;))) <3 

#LP & soldiers forever :) 

the best thing about them is when they do M&G'S for fans & how they take the time to autograph their fans things, love it how they show love&respect for every fan out there & they make great music too. LP are really caring guys & how they help people in places like haiti & music for relief. That's what makes linkin park soo asome:-)

                          When i first heard LP I thought they have a strong character as a band then add the lyrics of their songs I got

hooked. Their music videos have great graphics and stories to tell. Then came the funny videos that defined another

personality of the band, it's "their just having fun" :) . I admired them more when i read about their charity works plus how

they are with their fans. It's kinda weird that whenever i feel bad  or angry i hear some of their songs in my head

 like a automatic playlist...I don't know i guess they can really put into words  what you are feeling at that moment

 but then after you feel better..it's like they voiced what you were feeling.

                      I hope they will be around forever.

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