What is the meaning in the song "When They Come For Me"?

I following the lyrics to the song, while listening to it and I noticed a quote Mike rapped. He said, "Or the same person telling you to forfeit the game." Then later another quote appeared that stated, "Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first." Call me crazy, but I honestly think that Mike is openly telling the people complaing about there new sound and stuff that they aren't the same. I just got this vibe that the entire song, if not parts of it, was refering to how people need "catch up" with them, or realize that they aren't going to make the same thing because that isn't who they are. This is just what I noticed and pondered. I was just wondering what everybody else thought about the meaning to the song? Does anybody else agree with me or have a similar idea?

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I know you already posted this in 9,29,10, that was last year but I just read this now so let me share you what I think.

The truth is...I actually didn't think that they have their own meaning to the song, you picked two lines that you think has a real meaning, example the "Everybody Wants The Next Thing To Be Just Like The First" line, you stated that line is openly telling the people complaining about their new style and the big changes of the band, I think it's definitely that LP wrote those lines for the record, because they don't know what might be the initial reaction of the people who will listen.

FOR ME, they ONLY wrote the said line because they maybe saying "Everything that already done by the people of the past that have committed such wrong steps that leads them to a very uncertain point, and now people who are burden out by heavy problem, they are taking the risk just to scape those problems they have".


Well, that's my personal view to the song, I shared that because the question took my attention.


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The whole album is about warfare and we human being as a species are destroying each other with war in burning in the skies "blood of innocence burning in the skies" i think the catalyst sums up the whole album

No not the whole album. Iridescent, Waiting for the end, burning in the skies and Robot Boy are not political. Well at least they don't seem to be...

john said:

no i dont agree.. the entire album is political and about revolution.. just listen to the intro of "Wrectches And Kings" . its all about the US turning into a police state. so this song is about everyone waking up to the fact that one day all your freedoms are gonna be taken away...

AHHHH!!! I am tying to understand this song but it's so hard. people have heaps of different views on it and personally I don't have any idea at all. But now thinking about it, that does make sense- that they were talking about their music and fans. In my point of view I will always love Linkin Park, so don't worry Mike... I won't turn away from you (if he ever reads this)

I completely agree with you Nicholas! There are just way to many symbols/lyrics signs. something is definitely going on. before I had even heard of this secret societies I didn't understand what LP was singing to. and once I put it all together it all made sense. there is this interview they made in 200 in NYC where they ask them :"how did you guys ended up w Warner bros records" n Mike answer sounds like he twisted the story behind all this. And what I got from his answer was that. WB has much more to do with this kind of secret org and they choose "bands"
and make them famous for a reason. and of course there might be no way out. That's why all the hate/regret/and pain songs. from the first albums up to M2M.. and then LP came back with a much different perspective of things. they been analyzing,watching carefully and learning from "their curse"... this next quote gives me bad vibes it seems like this is what they were told by 'their superiors' and I mean if you read this quote and see how strangely out of no where they became so famous(media.MTV.huge tours. sponsors from everywhere..etc). specially on FB: "..we are building it up, to break it back down..we can't wait to burn it to the ground"..this is one of the many quotes with this kind of meaning..bottom line I hugely admire n respect LP for every single thing they do. Great music,charities,'coming out of the shadows' and so on.."they're acting like they want a riot,its a riot ill give them... I ain't scared of your teeth..never again victimized!!" And I wish them the best of luck. that I will always be with them no matter what..

Nicholas Wexler said:

john said:
no i dont agree.. the entire album is political and about revolution.. just listen to the intro of "Wrectches And Kings" . its all about the US turning into a police state. so this song is about everyone waking up to the fact that one day all your freedoms are gonna be taken away...

I agree with what this guy said. Now I'm going to say something that will surely aggravate and get laughs, but it needs to be said either way. I believe that Linkin Park is aware of whatever secret society is underneath the politics either in just America, or in the NWO, as many conspirators believe. Before you call me 'crazy,' look at symbols relevant to groups such as skulls and bones, illuminati, and satan worshippers, and then look VERY CLOSELY AT THE WAITING FOR THE END VIDEO. There is much symbolism within that video relating to all of these groups, there is no doubt. Whether there is a national conspiracy or not, I have no idea. But Linkin Park speaking out against secret societies, or even just the American government militarizing its police force would explain the strange-themed album, the end of the world. Pay close attention to what's said within this album, for this group and other artists are slipping out clues.

'The worst thing you can do is call someone crazy. People aren't crazy, they're just strong-willed.'
- Dave Chappelle

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