Hey guys what do you think the meaning of the new song "The Catalyst" is?

"Catalyst" - Something that causes an important event to happen.

So knowing this what do you think the message of the song is? The song mentions god so is god the catalyst for some form of event??


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uhm I thought it had to do with the whole thing about Nuclear war, with the Oppenheimer speech talking about how the explosion was brighter than A Thousand Suns....I could be wrong, I mean the video does match the song (post nuclear, people scared, things breaking, etc).
i think the blinding light is a nuke, not something good, think of the who album guys... 1000 suns- the nuke in hiroshima was compared to a sun on earth... just think about it

Ash Nair said:
The Catalyst is us.. we are the inner rising consciousness that is awakening.. The band knows this. It is so clear they are on an enlightened path.

God bless us everyone
We're a broken people living under loaded gun

Meaning: We are citizen living in dangerous times, ruled by people who want dont want us to peer thru the veil and seek truth.

And when I close my eyes tonight
To symphonies of blinding light

Meaning: The band is talking about rising consciousness. Perhaps even a Kundalini awakening where everybody that has had this miracle happen to them describe is as a blinding white light that follows with a blissful peace.

Like memories in cold decay
Transmissions echoing away
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky

Meaning: The band is talking about the cosmic changes that stem from the heart of our solar system. Waves of energy that are re-writing our DNA and increasing our evolutionary process. And we are at the brink of that transformation... and the oceans will bleed into the sky.. we will become a collective consciousness. There is no line on the horizon.


it cant be outfought - a nuke

it cant be out done -  a nuke

it cant be out matched - a nuke

it cant be out run -  a nuke



wow people. open your eyes to reality. i thought everyone realised this instantly. the whole cd is referrin to the 2012 solar flare phenomena. check out some reality tv. ex. metzer's decoded : 2012. some of it is boring but listen to the terminology used. i think you,ll find it very interesting. ex. thousand suns- term used to describe how strong the solar flare is expected. louded gun- describes the power of the solar flare. etc.. im not gna name em all but its more than coincidental the EXACT words r used. the same set of lyrics appears n a number of the songs. dont you think reiterating the same thing theyre tryin to let you know something?
god save us ... burned by a thousand suns.. for the sins of our hand sins of our tongue ...nowhere to run... nowhere to hide... ???
you can call me crazy but id have to call you ignorate. why does there have to b some deep hidden meaning? can it not be interpreted literally?

ps. i am a christian and believe in Jesus Christ. granted no one knows for sure when
we'll meet our maker. including linkin park. (haha) but i do know whether im right or wrong if its my time to go ill be goin to heaven. will you? why not be safe than sorry an truly find God in your heart just in case? whats the worse that can happen?
anyone interested in knowing more than the few examples i put in this post or finding God please respond by email because i will not see it on here

Personally I believe that the band isn't talking about GOD in a religious sense, but rather as a plead for help to a unknown being.

Also a catalyst (in chemistry at least) is a substance that speeds up a reaction.

My final but one thought is the band is talking about lost worlds (or distant planets).

Finally the band predicts the end with the Thousand Suns lyric.


This is one of my views on this song. (one of many)

I guess because so many movies from America, and political speeches from there, say 'God bless America' (even one speech from there, I think, says 'God bless us, every one'???), and LP are from there, I kind of thought 'The Catalyst' was about America: a broken people, broken by greed of the well off, politicians who made horrible choices both nationally and internationally, by not caring very much for each other (with all their differences) and for the wider world as a population [there are many individuals there who do care for others and the world, I know very well], living with loaded guns in so many households... [Don't worry, I know there are a lot of good things about America and Americans - like LP!!! - just we have seen some of the very bad internationally in the not-so-distant past, and some American tv tends to emphasize greed and selfishness, which is not necessarily so great, in my opinion :(], saying that fact can't be denied (i.e. outfought, outdone, outmatched, outrun), and asking will current Americans receive the final punishment for their own and their parents' and their children's crimes, and answering that with a "No", because I believe we all deserve grace - to be forgiven for our crimes and allowed to move on to do better things in our lives, not made to die for our crimes so there is never any possibility of us doing anything better with our lives in the future. And that grace being granted is what I think the "Lift me up, Let me go" is asking for.

But this is just what I wondered the meaning might be. It worked for me, because I was angry about some of the things politicians from America caused to happen in the wider world that were not in the best interests of the countries involved, much as they often pretended they were. I think Obama doesn't seem to have joined in that (not that I know too much about that), which is great. It's nice when things change for the better (and I was sick that my own prime minister - John Howard - helped America do awful things in the world. He wouldn't listen to the millions of people who said in protests that they didn't want him to do those things!!! We are supposed to live in a democracy!!!).

Anyway, probably fairly controversial, but it's where I'm at in my understanding of it :) It may already have been said above anyway (I only read the first page and then wanted to write so much I couldn't hold myself back to read the rest - embarrassed! :( ). Hope anyone reading this doesn't mind my thoughts - I'm not trying to make anyone feel picked on or anything, it's a general statement, not specific, and I love some things about America, just some things leave a bit to be desired ;) There is always hope for better if we don't condemn or vilify. :) :) My best wishes to all! :)


I think what Alexandria says is great, too!!! :) :) :) I believe we are all broken people under loaded gun and can work together to become better, under guidance from one greater than all humans. :)

DirtyDave said:
wOW, That was deep. Me likey!

Alexandria said:
The Catalyst is made up of so many different ways. It depends on the person how it relates to them to find the meaning.
For me this is where we the people need to realize that we can make a difference in our lives things cant be out done out fought out run but we can make them better than what they are. They go to god and ask to bless everyone not just christian or muslims or whatever religion because religion shouldn't matter. We all have a god, in my mind it's the same god just being worshiped differently. The band wants everyone to be safe and to know that they are cared for no matter what the consequences are. If we all just stood together in this world life would be soo different. Why do we need guns? Why do we need to start riots? We are broken people under a loaded gun is why. We need to be healed and to have god save us to bless us and show us yes we are strong and we can out fight out run and out do so many things.
Oh man I like that! too bad I didn't read it early :D

chris s said:
This song is FULL of meaning.

"god save us everyone we are broken people living under loaded gun"
- refers the police state being constructed all around us, and the fact that the majority of the population has been lulled into submission.

"it can't be out matched, it can't be outdone, it cant be outfought it can't be out run"
- refers the NWO being worldwide and the ushering in of the new political and belief system of one world government.

"when i close my eyes tonight to the symphony of blinding light"

obviously referring the bombing of nations throughout the night (perpetual war in the name of "peace")

"memories in cold decay transmissions echoing away"
refers to free speech becoming a cold distant memory, especially online.

"far from the world of you and I, where oceans bleed into the sky."
a world we can't understand where anything destitute can happen... like a BP oil spill making the ocean floor literally BLEED and evaporate crude oil and other hydro carbons into the sky!

"god save us everyone will we burn inside the fire of a thousand suns?"
will we be engulffed by our own nuclear war we stared to destroy ourselves?

"for the sins of our tongue the sins of our touch the sins of our father the sins of our young"
the selfish, self fullfilling lifestyle of the past few generations, combined with the ignorance of the newest generation.

"lift me up, let me go" (repeated over and over!)
elevate your conscious, wake up, break free from the mind prison.

The entire song is a WARNING, meant to provoke a reaction and an awakening of the masses.
a "catalyst" by definition is the key component to begin a reaction, with significant results.

I don't know what the meaning of "The Catalyst" is.... I have some Ideas but no one would believe what my thoughts are, All the pieces seem to fit together to perfectly to not make sense, I feel I need to share what I know but people would call me crazy and full of paranoia, Whatever it is it feels like truth so until the time is right I remain silent keeping this secret which needs to be shared before it is too late.

Calling on mike to help us figure this out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or anyone from the Lp band cre to help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!
Thank you :)
Calling on mike to help us figure this out !!! Thank you :)

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