Hey guys what do you think the meaning of the new song "The Catalyst" is?

"Catalyst" - Something that causes an important event to happen.

So knowing this what do you think the message of the song is? The song mentions god so is god the catalyst for some form of event??


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It is about passing away. Read it again
This song talk about faith, were it say "We're a puppets under loaded gun" talk about all the problems in our lives and how those problems try to make suicide us, and when that happens, just think in god and We can be better. Well, I think that everyone can have a diferent mean, maybe the real meaning its a ephemeral mean. Only each of us can have the answer.

it is a prophecy of the impending doom of this world on the day of judgement....the skies would bleed and burst apart...the oceans would boil up like it is kept on a stove......memories would be in cold decay( no one would remember anything but would be afraid).......the song reflects the ideology of some of the members with an extreme jewish mentality.....transmissions would be distorted on that day....everything would get annihilated....and no matter how much u try escaping...u CANNOT....!!!

I was sure someone would have put what I think the song is about somewhere, but I can't find it.
Anyways, I believe the song is about the nuclear bomb.

"It can't be outfought,
It can't be outdone,
It can't be outmatched,
It can't be outrun"
I would say the nuclear bomb certainly applies to all those, considering it is a weapon of mass destruction.

"And when I close my eyes tonight,
To symphonies of blinding light!"
The bomb is basically made up of blinding light visually.

"Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky!"
The weapon itself is very powerful, and somewhat "beyond us". When it goes off, everything is in chaos, so oceans could "bleed into the sky" from a certain point of view.

"God save us everyone,
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?"
This one is pretty clear. Obviously if you're going to be in a nuclear explosion, there's pretty much a 100% chance of your death, and your last straw to grasp at is praying for salvation. And generally the entire "A Thousand Suns" theme refers to the nuclear bomb, so that part is pretty straightforward.

Anyways, I'm posting this a while after the album came out, but this is the conclusion I've come to.

This song has relevance to many things, but in essence, I believe it is about nuclear weapons as stated above. However I think the song also makes specific references to the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan.

"And when I close my eyes tonight,
Two symphonies of blinding light!"

I heard it as "two symphonies." While we slept, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the bomb went off. Perhaps this is supposed to be the idea of being responsible for the deaths of so many haunting the nightmares of people like Oppenheimer, whose quote about the bomb appears in the intro to the album: "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

"Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky!"

Japan was far from the US, so the effect we were having on them by dropping the nuke was a distant concept, happening in a "land far away" far out in the ocean.

"For the sins of our hands,
The sins of our tongues,
The sins of our fathers,
The sins of our young."

The people who were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not directly responsible for the war; they were mostly civilians. They were being punished for the "sins" of others.

I think there are many other references to nuclear weapons, and the way the world has changed after the fear that they bring.

I think, described in a short way, it's about the human race the destroying itself and realizing that something has to be done about this. But there's so much more in this song

We the people are The Catalyst. We the people are what this world is made off, we control what happens in it, however the government is no longer made of "we the people" it is now controlled by evil that control "we the people". Government. "govern" is to "control" and "ment" is short for "mental" which = "control mental". People wake the fuck up please for the love of us, Linkin Park is trying to tell us we are being controlled, just watch the super rich entertainers and you will realize that they are all throwing up "666" signs, and they are all throwing up "pyramid signs". The whole world is completely controlled to the point where we do not even know. Watch the movie the Matrix, it is a metaphor, maybe this world isnt exactly a computer simulation, but we are so god damn brain washed and controlled to the point where we are no longer free, we are prisoners inside of our own bodys, we have forgotten what we really are. The whole album of a thousand suns is about how we are becoming robots, we are completely controlled. What do you think them saying we are broken people living under loaded guns means? it means we are helpless at this point, it cant be out fought, it cant be out done, it cant be out matched, it cant be out run. He says at the end " lift me up, let me go" he is saying he wants to be freed, we are trapped!!! This whole damn album is about this, if you just listen to the whole damn album, and if you know what the meanings are to everything it makes perfect sense. Look at track number 6 - robot boy, it says mochiagete, tokihanashite at the end of the song, that means "lift me up, let me go in Japanese. This whole album is about us being controlled by the rich whom is in control of our world. the entire world is in control by the same elites. I can literally go on and on about this in so many ways and give so many different scenarios but i do not have all day to do this because it is like screaming at a wall. I wish i knew what to do to make everybody wake up but they have us so controlled it actually brings tears to my eyes. Linkin park i saw you last year in NY at the honda civic tour at jones beach, i was the 4th row, i was so into your music i felt your spirits, it was the most amazing thing i have felt in a very long time. Please come back soon so i can feel that again, i wish i could sit down with you all and talk about the meaning of your music because i know the meaning, but the sad part is more than 95% of people in this world do not understand it, they think it means other things.... but i know the true meaning. Please help us take back our freedom and free our minds, we can be so insanely more amazing and this world can be so insanely better than it is now, people think we have to settle for this but if they only knew what we could be they would fight with us in a heart beat, but it is not their fault as they are blind, People please open your minds!! Linkin park, please continue what you are doing and even if you open one mind at a time, you have done more than enough.

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