Mine is Numb i love that song for so meny reasons tell me yous and why that song is your fav...!!:)

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Hi Emily - Numb was my biggest favourite off Meteora for ages, along with Faint :) :) :)

I cannot choose what is my favourite song of Linkin Park's because I have so many: [Hybrid Theory] Crawling, In The End, Pushing Me Away, Papercut, One Step Closer, Forgotten; [Meteora] Faint, Numb, Easier To Run, Figure .09, Hit The Floor, Breaking The Habit, Somewhere I Belong, Session, Don't Stay; [Minutes To Midnight] Leave Out All The Rest, What I've Done, Hands Held High, Given Up, In Pieces, The Little Things Give You Away; [A Thousand Suns] Burning In The Skies, Iridescence, Waiting For The End, When They Come For Me, The Messenger, Robot Boy, The Catalyst, Jornada Del Muerto, Blackout.

Looking forward very much to the next album :) :) :)

Numb or In the End are at the top. but still there are others I love very much.

I can choose two from every album:

HT: (In the End, Papercut)

M: (Numb, Breaking the Habit)

MTM: (Shadow of the day, what I have done)

ATS: (The Catalyst, When they come for me)

Too hard to decide lol.

I have a few songs that really describe me, my personality, and my life:P Some are In The End, What I've Done, Leave Out All the Rest, Waiting for the End, etc. There have been alot of hard times in my life and these songs pretty much explain it all!! 

-Cece :] 

A Place for My Head, Faint, Somewhere I Belong, From The Inside.


Just to name a few. I basically love everything from Hybrid Theory to Meteora.

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