What Linkin Park song do you think has the most meaningful, down to Earth lyrics and why?

Mine has to be Numb because it explains bad feelings of the people that make all the mistakes in their life... including the intelligent ones. It explains the forum of misunderstanding, dishonesty, and wanting to be yourself.

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Listen to the tone- "nobody said it would be this hard"- This guy is confused because love is unexplainable- it can't be printed, numbered, and organized like a scientific fact.
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I gotta tell ya, I had Linkin Park's first CD before they went on the Ozzfest touur in '96-97' I think. Their music has helped me through the roughest times in my life. I just watched Pushing Me Away...Live The Piano solo/Chester's lyrics...I'm still crying.....


Don't Stay. It was a break up song at the right time.

"You" people because this is the first question i've posted, and because if I"m putting myself into that catagory then....whats the point in ranting on it.
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that is actually a very tough desicion i think that everysong has its own unique twist and cannot be limited to one

Same, it describes my feeling EXACTLY

Always loved that song and found it v meaningful, like you :) :) :)

I've never thought about it so much, but now I really put some thought into it, Numb really comes to mind.

It relates to me almost line for line. My issue is such an everyday issue, which is why LP relate to so many people. This song closely follows everyday dramas in my relationship with my girlfriend of 6 years. I know I speak on behalf of many people when I say we argue our fair share, and at times feel stuck. And if you let it become an issue by bottling it up, as I have, you start to become numb, and void of emotions in some instances. A little introverted.

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