The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Many songs.

Waiting For The End best describes my life, by far.

At times, Crawling and One Step Closer

Numb and From The Inside

I don't really know for sure... probably Papercut... maybe a bit of Waiting for the end too?

I think that a mix of A place for my head and From the Inside with Somewhere I Belong, My December e Given Up....guy, that is a very difficult question...))


well, not my whole life but a very difficult time in my life

OHHH it's very difficult to say which song, but maybe the most is eEASIER TO RUN song becouse sometimes i want to run. to cut off from this cruel life but then i listen to them and feel peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Runaway, others One Step The Closer or In The End

I think numb is definitely my song

There are a lot of Linkin Park songs that would describe my life... Some of them are The Catalyst, Crawling, Faint, From the Inside, IN MY REMAINS, In the End, LOST IN THE ECHO, Numb, One Step Closer, POWERLESS Pushing Me Away, and Somewhere I Belong.

Difficult choice but probably Easier to Run.Valentine's Day. the lyrics are awesome too

Burning in the skies....that's my life....................Luke

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