The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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I don´t know. Many songs describes a moment of my life, pushing me away, both versions and Leave all the rest are im my mind right now

Breaking the Habit because I had to break out my habits to get into studying.... I want my future now, thanks Linkin Park :D

the one n only answer 'NUMB'.anytime anyday!


in pieces, funny cause i don't really like this song

i dont know, what song that i choose cause every song in linkin park album, describe every moment in my life..

somewhere i belong, numb,leave out all the rest and basically it depends on the day


Lost In The Echo best describes my life now and i did a remix for the song too...

This song means alot to me cause i lost my mom about 10 months ago and im just gettin a grip on losing her so i kept all the words cuz mike and chester speak the truth. The music is made to fit what mike and chester are getting at. In the end, Faint, Numb, Papercut and the Collision Course album are my fav influences thx Linkin Park for inspiring me to be great and the great music at hard times

With You, By Myself, Leave Out All the Rest, Breaking the Habit, Shadow of the Day, and a lot more that I can't think of off the top of my head right now. But basically the whole Hybrid Theory CD speaks to me now that I'm older, compared to when I first heard it when I was 10.

Check out this awsome new remix

somewhere i belong

Describe my life more the songs Breaking the Habit,In the End,Lies Greed Misery,New Divide but and the songs What i've Done,and Shadow of the Day.

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