The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Song for my life would be either figure.09 or one step closer !!

At the moment, My December.

i think mostly "Don't stay", because I identify with the song, in relationships with people who are somehow special in my life, and have gone from harmful to me <3

My life would be described by the song Somewhere I Belong

right now... Somewhere I belong, Breaking the Habit and No Roads left...

yo diria k la cancion k mas describiria mi vida es numb 

I really think that the song POWERLESS suits me perfectly lately .. it's like to be dedicated to me.

Waiting for the end - I can relate to every word in this song after a break-up where I found it difficult to move on.

I recently be related with song "What I've Done", than it's become very "Easier to Run", than i went to be "Lost in the Echo" & become "Powerless", but than i start to thinking...maybe it is "A Place For My Head" & maybe there is a place "Somewhere I Belong" so i start to "Breaking the Habit" trying to find "New divide" & share with the world my "Points of Authority". But again i'm "One Step Closer" in my life to start "Crawling" around "Empty Spaces" & become so "Numb" "In the End". Now, i'm gonna "Wake" myself, and tell all of u who read this, that i'm not "Given up", i'm not gonna be "Forgotten", 'cause "When They Come For Me" one day, i wanna go with "Hands Held High". Right now i'm just "Waiting For The End" of "My December". U see, every song, and every part of this songs of Linkin Park, have some meaning, some crossroads....paths, u can call whatever u want, every is combined & have some role in my life. Sometimes bad, sometimes good roles, & sometimes it's like a circle, repeating scenes on and on....Well boys and girls we all gonna see how it's gonna be at the very end of our life. Take care of yourself and your beloved once....i wish you all best! Peace.

Your beautiful speech. It is true that every song has a meaning. Which affect us more or less strongly a moment of your lives. I wish you a good year and peace come upon the entire planet.
David LP Svaba said:

J'ai récemment être en rapport avec la chanson "Ce que j'ai fait", que c'est devenu très "facile à exécuter", que je suis allé à "Lost in the Echo" et devenir "Powerless", mais que je commence à penser ... c'est peut-être "A Place For My Head" et peut-être il ya une place "Somewhere I Belong" si je commence à "Breaking the Habit" pour trouver "New Divide" et partager avec le monde mes "Points of Authority". Mais encore une fois je suis "One Step Closer" dans ma vie commence "Crawling" autour de "Empty Spaces" et deviennent ainsi "Numb" "In the End". Maintenant, je vais "Wake" moi-même, et dire à tous ceux qui liront ce u, que je ne suis pas "Abandonné", je ne vais pas être «oubliée», parce que «quand ils viennent pour moi« un jour, je veux aller avec "Hands Held High". En ce moment je suis juste "Waiting For The End" de "My Décembre". U voir, chaque chanson, et chaque partie de ces chansons de Linkin Park, avoir un sens, certains carrefours des chemins ...., u peut appeler ce que tu veux, tout est combiné et jouent un rôle dans ma vie. Parfois, de mauvaises rôles parfois bonnes, et parfois c'est comme un cercle, répéter des scènes encore et encore .... Eh bien les garçons et les filles nous allons voir comment il va être à la fin de notre vie. Prenez soin de vous et de votre bien-aimée une fois .... Je vous souhaite le meilleur tout! La paix.

maaaaaany songs!

Shadow Of The day.

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