The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Numb é a principal, mas tem tambem From the inside

Ultimamente en mi Vida Papercut, One step Closer y Crawling

Numb and what i've done

At this moment, the songs that identify my life are Breaking the Habit and Iridescent, and I think most LP songs describes a part of my life, dependings what's happening at that time.

Actually Crawling, i think so.

One Step & Numb

Dust said:
Breaking The Habit!!!

Me too! And Runaway!


As for me it's easier to run. Because i used to try to avoid the problems that i faced instead of solving them. And i think "numb" also describes my life 'cause i didn't have my own opinion, i felt so faceless, actually i was a "puppet" in the hands of other people

personaly i would say that faint would describe my personal life because i lived a double life. i had a life where my friends and family think is good where as my other life i was bullied and i tried giving hints to my friends and family but they never picked up which brings me one step closer to the edge of anger and pain. but i know that i cant trade my life for something new and i know that im just paranoid but if i say no song describes me im just lying ,y way from others

leave out all the rest

i like to listen crawling much, it's like when i came alone into this fragile life and i get much sorrow and can't handle that

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