The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Castle of glass

Too Late and Let Down

What I've done and Numb I have problems at school and numb is how I feel about them and what i've done represents what i need to do

Numb and what ive done numb is how i feel about myself and what ive done represents whhat i shoul do about it

Leave out all the rest ♥

has linkin park actually changed your life and which songs of theiors have help you change

Ingrid Of said:

Beside the song you life like, how would you describe all you're saying.

Still, I don't understand what you're talking about.
Sometimes i feel Numb but on other days.i feel waiting for the end
I also feel nobodys listening but then on other days when they come for me

Castle go glass. At least now a days ^^

I think most of the LP songs are relateable that's why i really love their music.For me right now it's one of the older songs "Points of Authority".There are people who are getting in my head giving me the feeling they give the shots when even if they are doing something wrong they wouldn't admit it.There's also "One step closer",this song often becomes an instant song playing in my head when something absurd happens.Then it combines with "Faint",the songs they gives way for people to describe what they are feeling when they don't know how to put it into words.LP RULES!

this is the most difficult question i've ever had to answer.. not to have a cliché answer but if i could i'd say everything.. i've been through a lot more than i should have in life for my age and i think if i really had to narrow it all down to one song, i'd have to say "easier to run".. and the next closest would be "from the inside" and after that maybe "somewhere i belong"..

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