The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Nobody's Listening describe my life exactly.

In the end! and by far one of the best songs if LP

All of their songs from Hybrid Theory to Meteora

I know somewhere I belong. Is right here


that's a hard question...I think some songs have several lines, which describing my life
so I name some of them:

- numb
- lost in the echo
- powerless
- easier to run
- burning in the skies

base your life on a song.

Ingrid Of said:

Beside the song you life like, how would you describe all you're saying.

Still, I don't understand what you're talking about.

numb sometimes and i think that powerless and ill be gone too

The song that best describes my life is lost in the echo. It totally embodies how I am as a person. You can beat me down, take all I have and leave me for dead. However, I will pull myself up. I will go hard. I will hold my own. I will keep it moving. In the end I will come out on top no matter what!

Recently, Lies Greed Misery

The linkin park song that describes my life is Lost In The Echo. I love linkin park. They know exactly what to write to reach their fans, they give us courage and strength and for that I love the band.

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