The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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lost in the echo

Valentine's day

may be "breaking the habit " describe what i fell right now.


true that

MyWorstEnemy94 said:

It depends on the day.


Some days I'm feeling more Crawling, some days I'm more Somewhere I Belong, some days I'm more One Step Closer.

It just varies. The joys of being a teenager, eh? *rolls eyes*

I think Numb would describe how I feel sometimes but songs like Iridescent, Roads Untraveled and Shadow of the Day comfort me and help. Linkin Park really does have a way of getting inside everyone's hearts and evoking emotion like sadness and hopefulness. It's just what makes them so great.

I agree. MtM was more based on relationships. The Catalyst I think was explaining the world in general, and what's come of it. I think that most songs on Meteora are relatable but are about much more serious things, rather than simply getting through life. It's more about personal problems.

RockyP said:

The Catalyst. I feel like a broken people livin under loaded gun :(

nah, seriously most LP songs speak to teenagers.So when I was 15, it was Faint. MtM had songs that related to adults. Funny enough, I only really relate to Bleed it Out, because I feel the same way, but have never written a song about being frustrated about writing a song lol

Depends... Probs Papercut and Waiting for the end

The Linkin Park's song that describe my life is "By Myself"

But sometimes "Somewhere I Belong"

Until it Breaks

So far most of them, every time I'm going through something in my life, one of their songs completely explains my feels, emotions and gets me trough it. That's Linkin Parks music for you. :)

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