The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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one step closer and papercut _ my life
burn it down _ my love life

Valentines day for me! 

Totally agree.

MyWorstEnemy94 said:

It depends on the day.


Some days I'm feeling more Crawling, some days I'm more Somewhere I Belong, some days I'm more One Step Closer.

It just varies. The joys of being a teenager, eh? *rolls eyes*

Papercut, Blackbirds, One Step Closer, Somewhere I Belong. I know it's strange, but when I listen to these songs, I feel that someone understands me. ;)

Pb N' Jellyfish :D

Most days it's either Easier to Run, Numb, Crawling, Runaway, One Step Closer, Form the Inside or Given Up.

euh.. numb and breaking the habit

One Perfect Something

Burning In The Skies cool :)


leave out all the rest!!!!!!!!!!!

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