The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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actually all LP songs are my life. all of them together gain the things called my life.

somewhere I belong

somewhere I belong

Probably either Numb, Hit the Floor, or Blackout.... I haven't had the best life so far :\

It really depends on my mood because when I am about to burst out of anger One Step Closer is great to get those feelings out without hurting someone and still let those feelings flow. When my grandmother died I felt Leave out All the rest very helpfull.

I was born with a cleft palate, it was very obvious to see when I was a little kid and I was raised in a small village where everyone would look at you in a way that they did not accept me, without even trying to get to know me. I never knew how to put those feelings into words, but then I heard Somewhere I belong. Those words described the feeling perfectly and the rawness of the sound was the rawness of the feelings it matched so much. And for that I would say that if I had to pick one song it would be Somewhere I Belong.

The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be waiting for the end

Everyone you were instilled with from 1992.

_||_ :)


Well... Indeed my song that describes me is My December, because I was born in December and it's always my time of the year :)



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