The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Shadow of the Day. Definitely. My life is a complicated one. Listening to LP just brightens my day. My saying for them is, "An album a day throws all my troubles away." Thank you LP. You are the best. And I mean it. Thank you.

Also, Castle of Glass. That's another one.


Breaking the Habit :-)

Breaking the Habit

Somewhere i belong, or with relationships more like numb or what i've done

All song reminds me in past time

It depends of the moment I'm passing. I live very much What I've done and actually I like Valentine's day too. But all songs have a part of me inside :D or I have a part of all songs.

I'd have to say Numb is the closest

Perhaps, Easier To Run ana Leave All The Rest... But sometimes In The End and Papercut.

Somewhere I Belong, What I've Done, Crawling, One Step Closer

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