The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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Mine would prolly be Powerless, Pretend to be, or Roads Untraveled. they are just so close lol though i think SO many others are too, but these are the closest

Surely Papercut. It may seems a bit sad, but i fell mine the rage expressed by this song. A lot of situation similar each other, i was really doing like a mad.
Sometimes What i've done, or In The End.

Often, very often, From The Inside, trusting myself and no one other.

Roads Untraveled, In My Remains, One Step Closer, Hands Held High.

Life is made of situations, situations are different. Different feelings, different song.

Easier the Run, Numb, One Step Closer, and What I've Done.
I think I have experienced some of leave out all the rest as well.


Numb, somewhere i belong, leave out all the rest and recently powerless. seriously, i cant narrow myself down to one song. i agree that it depends on the day.

Waiting for the End and Leave Out All the Rest

Definitely What I've Done

points of authority, given up , somewhere i belong ; best describe my life.

 every song of  LP  motivate me,it gives me more determination,more courage to

face the problems of my life

Breaking the Habit is always a good one for me but other times parts of the different songs like Blackbirds or Crawling or Numb. It depends on the day and what my mood is.

Numb, for sure.

This is what I would reply
When I Wake I start Waiting for the end,
think about What I've done and try to find Somewhere I belong,
There is A place in my head filled with Roads untravelled
I just want to Bleed it out but instead I Burn it down
and watch my memories Burning in the Skies,
Until it breaks, then felling Numb inside and with my Hands held high,
I Hit the floor I'm In pieces and I've Given up,
I'm Lost in the echo of our Lies greed and misery,
but you're One step closer to Pushing me away,
I'll be By myself, Crawling into my Castle of glass, When they come for me,
But Don't stay it's Easier to run
because Nobody's listening, you're Powerless
I'll be gone but not Forgotten, I'll always be there With you
and In my remains there will be No more sorrow,
So In the end I want you to Leave out all the rest
and just Runaway into the Shadow of the day

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