The Linkin Park song that would describe my life would be From The Inside

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La canción de Linkin Park que describiría mi vida sería from the inside , por que a veces ya no puedo volver a confiar en alguien

I would have to say Burn it Down.
Because I am always building stuff up and tearing it makes me happy

aww so hard........ hmmm maybe BY NYSELF AND PAPERCUT....

was that of waiting for the in

Numb, Leave out all the rest, what I've done, Roads untraveled..... because I'm So alone.... & From the inside....

Don't Stay describes my life currently. Divorce sucks!! It's like the song says, "Just give me myself back again...Sometimes I feel I trusted you too much"

Papercut. I'm the paranoied girl.

Thats one of the reasons why LInkin Park is my favorite band of all time. Most of their songs are like the story of my life. From Hybrid Theory to Living Things, there're always songs in the albums i relate to a lot.
To be honest, I'll just mention a few......In the end, Crawling, Breaking the habit, Valentines Day, Irridescent, Castle Of Glass and Roads Untravelled.
those are just the few i can relate too but there's more. :)

it's weird.... almost no one has mentioned a song from Minutes To MidNight or a Thousand Suns..... the songs that are currently chosen by people is: Numb, One Step Closer, Lost In The Echo, Easier To Run, and a few Waiting For The End..... on my part y would say Easier To Run and Don't Stay.... both from Meteora :)

oh i forgot to say that the people's most favorite song from Linkin Park to feel identify are From The Inside, Papercut, Nobody's Listening and Powerless

Numb and Crawling

I would have to say either Lies Greed Misery or Figure.09

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