My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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My favourite song of all time is And one, my favourite album is a mix between hybrid theory and meteora and my favourite video is papercut =D i love all the freaky stuff that happens in that video xx
Meteora is my fav album. My favourite video is i think....... give me a min........ One Step Closer. My fav song keeps changing depending on how I'm feeling at the moment. Right now its Not Alone.
My Favourite Song Is Pushing me Away
My Favourite Album Is Hybrid Theory
My Favourite Music Video Is Shadow Of The Day

That Was Very Difficult
20 min for three questions
favourite song : {lying from you qwerty somewhere i belong numb dont stay } i like lp songs depending on my mood
favourite video :numb Breaking The Habit
favourite album: hybrid theory
songs: Numb, In the End, My December and New divide.
album is Meteora. It`s the best!!!!!
Fav. song: New Divide
Fav. album: Hybrid Theory
Fav. video: In The End =)
song, so many of them but, little things give you away, with you, numb
album, HT
vid, SIB & in the end, and breaking the habit...

LP rock \m/
new divide
My favourite song is: From The Inside and crawling...
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: crawling - Breaking The Habit
It is impossible to say which Linkin Park song, video, or album is my fravorite. Everything they do is so unique, touching, thought provoking, and overall special is so many ways. I have so much respect for each member of Linkin Park. I wish them all continued success.
My Favourite Song Of LP is : NUMB
My Favourite Music Video is : Numb
My Favourite Album is : Meteora

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