My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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No more Sorow or crawl back in/ hybird theory / papercut
All Linkin Park songs and albums and videos are my favourites :)
I cant choice the ones , what I like the best, tahy all are good to me and they all are in my heart

Song - What i've done
Album - Meteora
Video - New Devide

My favorite song from linkin park is in the end, for me it's also the best songever made.
I don't have a favorite album, i like them all.
and the video...papercut
my favourite songs are in the end papercut and numb
fave album meteora
my fave vid is new divide
Fab song is: One step Closer
Fab album: Hybird theory
Fab video: Breaking the habbit
My Fave Song: QWERTY best LP song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, And mabes Part Of Me :P
my favorite song: in the end/ breaking the habit
my favorite album: hybrid theory
my favorite video: papercut
Well, I like all of LP's songs... but the song I most like is Leave out all the rest...
Favorite Album... mmhh... Hybrid Theory
And my favorite video is Breaking the Habit
My favorite song right now is A Place For My Head

My favorite album is Hybrid Theory (until the new one)

my favorite video is papercut. "It's like I'm paranoid"
Favorite song. A Place For My Head

favorite album. Hybrid Theory (until the new one)

favorite video. Papercut "it's like I'm paranoid!"

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