My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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The truth according to chronological order of how the album coming out ivan, arrange the songs that I'm still listening even when I sleep. well here is my list:

Points of Authority - Hybrid Theory
Pushing Me Away - Hybrid Theory
Crawling - Hybrid Theory

Pts.of.athrty Jay Gordon - Reanimation
P5Hng Me Awy Mike Shinoda Feat Stephen Richards - Reanimation
Krwlng Mike Shinoda Feat Aaron Lewis - Reanimation
My dsmbr Mickey P. Feat Kelli - Reanimation

Faint - Meteora
Don't Say - Meteora

What I ve Done - Minutes to Midnight
Shadow Of The Day - Minutes to Midnight
Leave Out All The Rest - Minutes to Midnight
In Pieces - Minutes to Midnight

New Divice

Not Alone - Download to Donate for Haiti

Is that Hybrid Theory and Reanimation are almost the same but I really liked the changes in each song, the truth every version is unique to me, not for the rest of them forever young fans alike.

good is not my favorite but is the song with which I identify
Easier to Run - Meteora

Actually I remember when I first heard cries, my friends did not understand this reaction but I think many will identify with this song.
Favorite album is hybrid theory know pretty much every song on there.

Favorite Song is In The End Thats my all time favorite song.

Favorite Video is One step Closer thats a IOnsane music video when there all upside down and stuff. hahahahaha AWSOME!
Favourite song: What I've done
Favourite album: Hybrid Theory
Favourite music video: New Divide
Favourite songs: Numb, In the end, Breaking the habit. Video: Numb
Album: Can't choose x_x;
La mia canzone preferita: Shadow of the Day
Il mio preferito album: Hybrid Theory
Il mio video preferito musica: Faint
Favorite Song: Numb
Favorite Album: i can't really pick they are all AMAZING
Favorite Music Video: Papercut
My Favorites Songs: Lying From You, Numb, The Little Things Give You Away, and others
My Favorite Album: Meteora
My Favorite Video: Breaking The Habbit
My Favorite Letter: From The Inside
And Chez I love You, FOREVER, AND EVER!!!!!

I'm new member in this web and I'm great.
my fovorite song is: In the end, because it was the firs song than I listen.
my favorite album is: (difficult) hibryd theory
my favorite music video is: points of authority

sorry, my writting and spelling are abysmal,
Favorite album:ALL
Favorite video:ALL
Favorite song:ALL

:) (:
(: :)
My favourite song is: Lying from you
My favourite album is: Hybryd theory
My favourite music video is: Breaking the habit
My Favourite song is Points of Authority
My Favourite Album is Hybrid Theory
My Favourite music Video is What I've Done
Song: New Divide
Album: Undecided (All too awesome)
Video: Tied between Crawling and What I've Done

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