My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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favourite song: papercut
favourite album: hybrid theory
favourite music video: one step closer

LP in Chile 2010 *.*
i have a top favorite of things when it comes to the video and song but not album, thats hard.

top fav video and song is in the end.
а о чем идет речь?
My favourite song is: One Step Closer
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Faint
i have hear 'from the inside' but i loveeee new divide and i just heard where i belong and i really like that one
yeah! thats wright! all of song hrom Hybrid theory album is Great!!!!!

Ana Cintora said:
My favorite album is: Hybrid Theory
My favorite music video: papercut or somewhere i belong

cannot pick a favorite song, cuz i love every single song on hybrid theory :)
METEORA my favorite album,,,, BREAKING THE HABIT my favourite video.... and NUMB my favourte song
My favourite song is: New Divide (great mixing)
My favourite album is: Meteora (simply rocks)
My favourite music video is: From the Inside (I like the mood)
Favorite album : Hybrid Theory.
Favorite song : Papercut.
Favorite video : One step closer.



favourite song: No Roads Left
favourite album: Meteora
favourite music video: New Divide

But I like ALL the songs and ALL the albums
Favourite Song: In The End
Favourite Album: Minutes to Midnight
Favourite Music video: Shadow of the Day
my favorite song is numb and leave out all the rest, my favorite album is meteora and my favorite music video is breaking the habit.

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