My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is:numb
all of linkin park's songs
all linkin park's songs,videos,and albums are my favourite
Fav song: Lying from you
Fav album: Meteora
Fav video: Papercut/Not Alone. Cant decide which one is more amazing :D
Fav songs: Crawling, In The End, New Divide, Numb
Fav album: Hybrid Theory
Fav Video: In The End, Crawling
Favorite song-(way too many!!!)have to go with Numb.
favorite album-love all of them for many reasons,but caught between Meteora and Hybrid theory.(recently HT,but kinda leaning towards meteora)
favorite music video-i guess Breaking the habit because it's really unique and awesome,but of course i love them all.
(-only songs that i usually dont listen to are cure for the itch and nobody's listening,but they're still good)

You realize this is torturous making me pick favorites of LP,because i love all of their stuff!!
Honestly?! I think I cant choose! It's impossible!!! I love ALL the songs, ALL the 3 albums (soon the 4th too!), and ALL the music video! It's easier to say wich a like least. The song I like least is Given Up....yes, this one!
LOVE ALL their songs... impossible to answer with a fave..
Album: Hybrid theory
Video: From the inside (and Crawling)!
meteora is my favorite album!
my favorite song is some where i belong!
my favorite video is crawling!
I actually love every single one of their songs!
Favourite from Hybrid Theory: My December/Pushing Me Away
Favourite from Meteora: Breaking the Habit
Favourite from Minutes to Midnight: What I've Done
Mainly depends what mood I'm in :P
my favourite song is the little things give you away, my favouritee album is hybrid theory and my favourite video i papercut
Favourite Album: Meteora
Favourite Video: Faint
Favourtie Song: By Myself

BTW: these answers are (definitely) subject to change, although they are my standout choices, but im sure i will have different opinions in the near future

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