My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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fav song: too meny 2 name :)

fav album: hybrid theory

fav music video: shadow of the day, in the end, papercut, breaking the habbit, from the inside and faint

My favourite song is: Waiting for the end (it is just like everytime there is new LP album I have a lot of problems in my life and I don't know what to do with myself and then I hear this wonderful music, amazing songs and they, LP, give me strenght to move on, to fight). I'm waiting for new album now. I almost forgot: Messanger is THE ONLY ONE song that made me believe that I'm not the only one in the world, that made me feel less lonely, so I love it.

My favourite album is: I love Meteora as much as Minutes to midnight, I can't choose;) 

My favourite music video is: From the inside and Somewhere I belong

Favorite album: Hybrid Theory (but I love them all!)

Favorite song: Numb. I saw LP in Werchter (Belgium) one week ago and when they played that song, the crowd just went crazy...and yeah, me too!!! :D I was waiting for ten years to see them.

To give you an idea of the concert:

Favorite music video: Breaking The Habit & Shadow Of The Day

Favourite Album: Minutes To Midnight
Favourite Video:  Burining In The Skies
Favourite Song:   Esaúl and Rhinestone (from 9 Track Demo CD)

Favourite album: Meteora 
Favourite video:Somwhere i belong, Leave out all the rest, From the inside-cannot chose
Favourite songS: My 11 favourite today(it's really hard to choose):Breaking the habit, Catalyst, Given up, One step closer, New divide, Waiting for the end,Faint,What i've done, From the inside, Somwhere i belong and Papercut! -Today these songs, for ten days maybe some others.
Has anyone said that his/her favourite album is ATS? haha :)
I persuaded my friend to listen to LP and for 3-4 days, he listened LP for 10 hours :DD 
His favourite album is ATS(for now), songs: Waiting for the end, What i've done, When they come for me,Catalyst, Iridescent, From the inside, Numb, My december... :)
There are people, who love ATS but fans that listen to LP from their beggining prefer older albums and songs. This is my opinion. And even if I prefer Meteora or Hybrid Theory rather than ATS, i think that all LP's CDs are just great. I am a little bit afraid that the next album will be more similar to ATS than to other albums... Hmm, but I'm sure we all will love them anyway...
Agree definitly!!!! Here is an article about a work on new album! PLEASE READ AND COMMENT HERE!

In June 2011, Bennington revealed to Kerrang! that Linkin Park has begun working on new material for their next album. He explained, "We've been working on a new record for the past two months. The music is great and we're well ahead of where we're expecting to be. There aren't a whole lot of noises going on, but there are a lot of good songs. It will probably get a very polarized reaction. Which pleases me. As an artist, I want a reaction." The singer added that the band would be looking to tackle controversial topics on their new album, rather than the more personal subjects of their older material. "We've learned how to write serious songs and serious lyrics. We've learned how to deal with politics, faith and other things. Those are things that can get preachy really quickly, which we don't want to do. So you need to learn to talk to people and not at people", he said.[82]

Rick Rubin will be producer of the new album. "Typically we'll have a once-a-week meeting to go listen to the songs that they're coming up with and talk about them. For so early in the project, they are much further along than they have been on the last two albums we did. On A Thousand Suns there were still a lot of irons in the fire. We knew, 'OK, we can't do this forever. Let's leave this batch and we'll come back and address it when we start up again.'", Rubin said.[83]

It means that they recorded more songs than they released on ATS and now they will only try to improve them. Next album will sound similar to ATS but lyrics and the messages from LP will be different. Maybe it is not the worst idea. A lot of people don't want to wait another 2-3 years for LP's next album, so it's easy way to make them happy without big effort now. I didn't want to be cruel, but I had to write this. I like ATS, but  I prefer when LP sing "more personal" songs and I think that I'm not the only one...
Right, you're not the only one.  I definitly sharing my thoughts with you! ;) You have a friend request from me, accept it! ;)

I have to add something. I think that it is our interpretation of songs that make them more or less personal (for us), ex. I really like Waiting for the end, 'cause when ATS  was released I felt like this, like waiting for the end and they gave me strenght to wake up in the morning. That's all.

There is one thing cannecting all LP's CDs - they tell us that we have to fight, fight for us, for what we believe and for our dreams. This is what I always find in their music. Maybe it is stupid for you... 

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