My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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;) very nice;)
No it's not stupid!
thanks :))
There are lot of questions that Linkin Park guys never answerd on! Like... Will they ever release a nu-metal album, why Chester started lossing his voice since 2003...then, why they think that they weren't good enough in the past(1999-2004)... And a lot of others :)
I heard a story that Chester had an operation in 2005 of his vocal chords...Is that a rumor?
I don't know. Sorry...
Now i'll post a story about what i think that happened with his voice...
I posted this on youtube:

You know why he can't scream this song like in this one(Summer sonic 2006 Faint- i can't post the link, becouse i'm not allowed to) so you guys take a look alone).He can't scream like that becouse he is not giving a hundred percent in the scream! More power into a scream, the better it gets!

Just look at that performance in the summer sonic... When he scream:,,You're gonna listen to me,,(scream is poor), then he takes a michrophone into both hands put some extra power in it and screams:,,like it or not,,...

The same shit you can see in the itunes fest that you are watching right now! Given up, the scream is perfect becouse it has enormous power in it(and michrophone is in both hands and that gives a better sound to scream...The whole scream part is perfect! But in this(Faint) you can see that Chester is screaming with michrophone in one hand and with much less power.

I checked a few thing and get to a conclusion!

I don't know why Chester is doing that...Maybe he is afraid that he'll damage his vocal chords, i don't know really...

His voice got worse a from 2003 to now,  but 60% problem is in him.

I maybe dissapointed some of you guys with this story, but i dissapointed me too, when i got to conclusion....I almost cried about the whole shit that you've read!

Greetings guys..LP forever!!!No matter what, LP maaaaannnnn!!!!! <33 <3 <3 <3 Chester is a legend anyway, remember that! :D

I think we all know that Chester was, is and always will be the best ;)

I have to tell you sth, I suppose you're younger than me so maybe it will be easier for you, but when I tried to sing with Chester during all songs on Live in Texas or Road to revolution it was impossible for me. Try to imagine yourself screaming for about 2h all the time. It is very difficult. And yes, I think that he tries to save his vocal chords, but it is good news if we want more LP. During my studies I had to try to be a teacher in school and after one week I had problems with speaking, and I wasn't screaming, so I can understand him and all screaming vocalist. 

And remember that we all have good and bad days. It's impossible to be perfect all the time;)

You've explained everything soo good that you left me wordless :) Chester is still a god for me... 
I tried to follow him at singing and after a half of a song my voice getting worse and i can't follow him anymore... He is definitly the best singer ever...
And i must say, there are songs where screams are rarity but they are harder to sing than some with the screams...(When they come for me, Catalyst, New divide, others)

yeah, he is;)

but we can try to sing with him anyway;) I will...

haha :) Yeaaaaa :D <3

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