My favourite song is: From The Inside
My favourite album is: Meteora
My favourite music video is: Papercut

What 'bout u?

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my fave's are

my favorite LP song is:new divide

my favorite album is:minutes to midnight

my favorite music video is :bleed it out
Favorite album: HyBrid Theory
Favorite video: What Ive Done
Favorite song: All :D
My favorite album: Hybrid Theory
My favorite song: Somewhere I Belong
My favorite Video: In The End
Favorite Music Video: In the End
Favorite Album: Hybrid Theory
Favorite Song: Hands Held High
My favorite song is: From The Inside
My favorite album is: Meteora
My favorite music video is: Breaking the Habit
SONG: Breaking The Habit
ALBUM: Meteora
VIDEO: Shadow Of The Day
my fave song: so many to choose from :} but i have to say SOMEWHERE I BELONG
my fave album: hybrid theory
my fave music videos: papercut, crawling, somewhere i belong, numb, new divide, and L.O.A.T.R
From the inside is my favourite song. I'm getting the lyrics to the chorus tattooed on my back.
favorite album : Meteora
favorite song : In The End
favorite video : Numb
Álbum Favorito: Minutes To Midnight
Video Favorito: Somewhere I Belong
Canción(es) Favorita: Leave Out All The Rest, In The End,
Song: Crawling
Album: Meteora
Video: New Divide
No, my best friend likes this album the most! You're not alone lol

Harrison Hunt said:
Song: Across the Line
Album: Minutes to Midnight (Am i the only one that appreciates this album?)
Music Video: New Divide

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