Basically in my opinion what makes them different from other band are their songs. The songs have a lot of truth, to what some of us go through and they have their own sound. They are a unique band which is what made me become a linkin park fan

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yesss all you said is truth :D BUT Most things who made LP famous, is their music exactly, :) & every single person of band have their own best way to Make LP the best

a big part is "Joe" what is rock music ?  "A Music Call Rock when we use Drum & Bass guitar" in fact A DJ can't have any role in Rock Music, so what LP doing it's something who can't exist, but they making it real, we seeing LP making Music & how Joe making beautiful enjoyable effect with his disk, The second One is "Mike" clearly "Rap" have nothing to do with Rock, As LP created a special Music with Bass Drum & DJ & Electric, so Chester is a real Rockstar he's amazing but "Rap & Mike" can't have place inside a rock music, but we seeing how Mike & Chester merging their talent doing singing Chester Rock part & Mike Rap part & the music is really creative & awesome & special, these was some reasons who making LP special <3         

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