What more will the LP: a critique or artificial help in increasing the popularity ?

I know that many fans  seem that clicking hundreds of times in various competitions to help LP to win, but to me it is very immature.

What an advantage that thanks to a few extremely active person , LP win another award, since not having the motivation to develop they will be  steel in place.
The crisis has the power of a stimulus. People who encounter obstacles in their path, just give up or have to come up with a way to bypass it. Therefore, as history teaches both individuals and nations,
the crisis stimulate  to development.

Personally, grieves over the fact that people with such vocal potential as Chester and skills  like the LP colleagues, instead of considering the reasons for the current crisis, focus on such trivial things as instantaneous popularity.

In my opinion, there is one universal principle that works in every country and every period of history, to sign up for assets in the history of music, you need to create a piece that would be too difficult for the average Smith was able to sing it. People always appreciate what is rare and, therefore, also the songs whose sounds they can not sing properly.
I think that LP is created by people who are able to create something like this, but some people are going in the wrong direction, thinking that  by writing something
for flattering tastes fans will enter the top 50 charts. This is a mistake, because the strips a song with real emotion, and without them none of the song  becomes a hit.

In general, the most successful are debut albums or those incurred as a result of violent emotions, such as CD the Green Day "American idiot", which was written after someone was stolen ready the GD material. 

Debutants are generally guided by the need to share their suffering with others and therein lies their strength.
In time, after consecutive records, when people do not suffer from such problems  (
can afford parking fines)), their songs become less pronounced. On the other hand, often erroneous step is to appeal to the poorest. Everyone senses the artificiality when a person with a well-to-do family begins to argue that he has experience as a gangster.
I do not understand why some person seem that they are authentic in that role.

Finally, there are problems that can be given to songs without turn them to something so artificial as playing poor being rich person (risk to personal freedom, objectifies relations, the role of a man, a change in male-female relationships, instability, and many others.

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Very high level concert in San Diego convinces me that nothing motivates artists as much as constructive criticism.
I think that this time the anger in
Mike's voice was indeed authentic.

Well, I think I am one of the chosen by destiny, who can really make him angry  ;-)

Not sure about what you're trying to convey here nor do i get this thread's overview. But I am unaware of any global award ceremony that uses the votes of the general public to declare the winner save People's Choice Awards. And as far as i know, this award is never taken as a feat of accomplishment.

My guess is that you are a relatively new person on this forum, because you did not notice that some people encouraged to click in various competitions on LP for 1000 or more times
Of course, I did not mean the Grammy Awards, but MTV  awards depends on people. If you artificially inflate the popularity it does not encourage the artists to be more creative, this can lead the reflection on the failure.

Um... Green Day's debut album was Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. And it was bullocks.

Sorry, but your statement  shows that you did not understand my speech.
About the album "American Idiot" I did not written in the context of their debut album, but as that which was caused by strong turbulence, which undoubtedly have caused the theft of the finished material. I think these intense emotions, were the source of the success of this album.

You can make Mike angry? How? xD

Maybe it's because my criticism has a substantial base.
I think people with such potential as the LP can still achieve a lot, if they do not  get choked with compliments of people  and I fulfill the role of a small boy with a fairy tale, "the emperor's clothes" (read it, and you may understand what I mean)

Splash said:

Winning awards and gaining popularity  is a source of motivation too... Not always does it have to end in sour tastes... 

Of course, if we are talking about such as the Grammy awards (or a similar rank awards ),  they can motivate, but in the case of awards won in competitions, in which one person can vote 1,000 times, I believe they do not provide anything beyond a momentary increase in popularity.

 Not my fault if you worded your statements in the untended way! Turbulence? How so? the theme of American idiot had nothing to do with theft or pain or... turbulence!


Sorry, but your  statement  once again proved that you did not understand my speech or   you do not know the history of the creation of this album.
In which part of my speech has been said that the songs from the album "American idiot "  is about the theft? Nowhere do I wrote that song from the album talk about the fact of the theft!!!
From the context of my speech, it is clear that I meant  that the theft of the finished material so heavily  influenced on the team and was an appropriate inspiration for songs on the album. The musicians themselves talked about the impact of the theft.
It's a bit ridiculous to assume that should directly describe the mere fact of theft. Croup great artist does not write such platitudes like "I'm mad because the thief stole my song. " It's too literal! The trick is in communicating emotions in a more portable.

Um... honestly, your criticism isn't substantive. Linkin Park composes what they want and not what the masses want. They follow their passion, which is to seem being, innovative and different from their previous works.


Even once I wrote why I do not think the current album, as an expression of passion all the members of   LP  . If anyone wants the conceived can view my posts.
The web is a lot of data, which show that it is rather the dominance of one man's vision. I do not mean, of course, official statements (for Billboard), because they never give the whole truth.
Poor sales of  the ATS album proves that creating a song, it does not pay to follow the assumptions about what are the expectations of fans, for two reasons. First, it loses its emotional charge of songs, because it is always too rational and the recipient are able to sense such things.
Secondly, if you address the board for their own fans, the group of potential buyers 
is limited to to the top of their numbers (the set of fans consists of n numbers). Committed in this way is fatal mistake

And that's why ATS so poorly it sells.

"Minutes to Midnight", have had commercial success.
because communicates emotions of all the members of the LP. 
Emotional honesty of songs from the "Minutes to Midnight", especially see in the way of their performance. When  you compare the way of performing songs from the MM to songs from the ATS (except for CHester, who always puts the full speed of emotion in every song performed by himself) you see the differences!!!

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