What's in your opinion the best song of the new album?

"Living things"

1. Lost In The Echo 
2. In My Remains 
3. Burn It Down 
4. Lies Greed Misery
5. I'll Be Gone 
6. Castle Of Glass 
7. Victimized 
8. Roads Untraveled 
9. Skin To Bone 
10. Until It Breaks 
11. Tinfoil 
12. Powerless

The best for me > Lost In The Echo ;)

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Lost in the echo. I really love the chorus part and the base instrumentals are bursting in my headphones

Lost In The Echo, I am just obsessed with that song...
My mom's favorite song is Skin To Bone, I believe her opinion is important too, cause I have made her listen to LP every single day for the last 11 years, so she's a real fan too!

burn it down

In my remains!!!

Now in my remains
are promises that never came.
So let silence free
to wash away the worst of me...

Best song on the album by far. Absolutely LOVE In My Remains.

Roads Untraveled!

Lies Greed Misery
Castle of glass
Lost in the echo

Lies Greed Misery
In My Remains
Castle Of Glass

i'll be gone

Dean Terence Cohen said:

Lies Greed Misery
In My Remains
Castle Of Glass

I think, "lost in the echo". I like the video to. that's awesome.

Burn it down, Lost in the echo, Powerless, In my remains,

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