Just post the song you're listening to now. ^^

Bitter Taste- Three Days Grace

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Drum Song (Little Things Give You Away Demo 2006)- LP
The Red- Chevelle <3
I don't like listening to music)

Rina said:
I don't like listening to music)
I don't know. Just don't like and all.
And you know, i'm here not because I love LP))
Anna Sizova said:
Rina said:
I don't like listening to music)
I was listening to Akon trouble maker.. x)
B.o.B - May 25th
through the trees - low shoulder :D
Liberate - Slipknot XD
I'm listening to Across The Line by LP right this moment. headbang. Pictures, Images and Photos
I like Linkin Park!
------ Brithey Spears, CentR, Che, Т9, Банд'Эрос, Инь-Янь, Мика Ньютон, Павел Воля, Потап и Настя Каменских, Слезы Асфальта, Челси, Баста, Звери, Город 312, Ноганно, Dino MC 47, Группа 44, September, Бьянка, DJ Smash, St1m, Guf, Птаха, Noize MC, Rasmus, Katy Perry, Хаки, 30 Seconds to mars, Хабиасс, Cheese People, IdeЯ Fix, Слот, Нюша, DJ Бойко

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