Mike says it'll be “genre busting”. I don't think it'll be genre busting per se, however it'll be quite different to their usual style. Believe me, they'll still integrate the usual screaming and rapping so no worries there.

The big change will be the presence of the keyboard. The keyboard will play a huge role in their approach in creating their new signature style.

Evidence: Check out the image below. You don't see just one keyboard but a number of keyboards. Not to mention the keyboard he received for Christmas last year (thered one). Does New Divide also ring a bell?

He's also been checking out a ton of clips on Youtube. Practically the "Keytar". There's also another post where he's discovered someone creating a live glitch on a keyboard.

I also think it'll be somewhat similar to "Reanimation" (in a subtle way). Mind you, they do have the potential to do some crazy experiments within their music, however at the end of the day, they are a mainstream band. With all the remixes he's made available, I think he's kinda going back to his roots (eg: Session, Breaking the habit demo, MTV VMA scores etc)

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I love Reanimation. I love fun music. If this one is like Reanimation, woot!

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