What Was The Last Album You Got? v.1.0 for the new forum

I figured, since we have new forums and everything, I would resurrect this classic thread. It doesnt matter how you got the album (bought it at the store, iTunes, or any other internet site, or received it as a gift)

The last albums I got were

Trivium - Shogun
Ultimate Run DMC
Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison
and Bush - Sixteen Stone

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A Thousand Suns!
A Thousand Sun
Before A Thousand Suns, I brought (not in any order)

Disturbed - Asylum

Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within

Dark Tranquility - We are the Void

Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
A Thousand Suns DVD Preorder :D
A Thousand Suns
3DG-Life Starts Now
a thousand suns
start something - lostprophets
women and children last - murderdolls
waking the fallen - avenged sevenfold
A Thousand Suns!!!

The Singles - The Clash
Today I got Joe Satriani's "Super Colossal" and Opeth's new live boxset from their Evolution XX, 20th Aniversary tour.
well i just got Stone Sour- Audio Secrecy today... And Sully Erna- Avalon will arrive in about a week!! *can't wait*
Don't really know yet.. I definatly like most of the songs... some kinda have to grow on me i guess

Claudia Terblanche said:

what did you think of the new stone sour?
Rmetalmuse said:
well i just got Stone Sour- Audio Secrecy today... And Sully Erna- Avalon will arrive in about a week!! *can't wait*
last three albums i got were A Fine Frenzy's One Cell in the Sea, India. Arie's Voyage to India, and Richard Devine's Asect:Dsect. The very last i recommend highly to those who like experimental noise electronica. i mean REALLY noisy electronica--pure digital experimentalism...anyhow yeah, so i'm into a ton of revolutionary artists--including linkin park, i won't say they're not.
yup, but i will say i enjoy listening to A Fine Frenzy the most. Have any of you guys (girls i would think) heard of the band--more like just the girl Alison something or other...sudol? Well, no matter what just some cool albums i happened to have bought >_/body>
escape the fate - escape the fate
alter bridge - ab3

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