What Was The Last Album You Got? v.1.0 for the new forum

I figured, since we have new forums and everything, I would resurrect this classic thread. It doesnt matter how you got the album (bought it at the store, iTunes, or any other internet site, or received it as a gift)

The last albums I got were

Trivium - Shogun
Ultimate Run DMC
Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison
and Bush - Sixteen Stone

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50 Cent- The Massacre
Minutes To Midnight Tour Edition
Bleed It Out single
Given Up single
For You By You - KAT-TUN
the last albums i bought were erm AC DC (if u want blood u got it), AC DC (let there b rock) LINKIN PARK UNDERGROUND and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (the black parade)
LPU9 CD/Vinyl
Somewhere I Belong/Numb/From the Inside/Breaking the Habit CD Singles.
Minutes to Midnight :D

Their best album so far, in my opinion.

I guess since I haven't gotten the LPU9 package yet, that the CD doesn't count.
the last albums i got were:
-animatronic (fake album)-linkin park
-wonderful system (fake album)
-diamond eyes-deftones
-enema of the state-blink 182
-lpu 9 (box) - linkin park
My last albums that I've bought were Julien-K "Death To Analog", Eminem "Relapse/Refill", and Linkin Park "Songs From The Underground" EP
Foo Fighters, The Best Of..........IT ROCKS!!!!!!!
Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits
The Letter Black - Hanging on by a Thread
i just ordered Innocence and Instinct (Deluxe Edition) and End of Silence (Deluxe Edition) by RED and I Get Wet by Andrew WK, i cant wait
John Butler Trio - April Uprising

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