What Was The Last Album You Got? v.1.0 for the new forum

I figured, since we have new forums and everything, I would resurrect this classic thread. It doesnt matter how you got the album (bought it at the store, iTunes, or any other internet site, or received it as a gift)

The last albums I got were

Trivium - Shogun
Ultimate Run DMC
Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison
and Bush - Sixteen Stone

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linkin park- a thousand suns

limp bizkit- gold cobra

incubus- if not now, when?


Linkin park-  A thousand suns +(live in madrid)

Limp Bizkit- Gold cobra

Three days grace-  Life starts now

Nickelback- Curb

Eminem- Curtain call


I actaully got all these in about the same time via a combo of amazon.com, a friend on this site, and bestbuy.


Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke :) - Very nice (not as crisp sound for music as Linkin but great vocal sound)
Planet Alliance - Planet Alliance.

Pearl Jam - PJ20

Pearl Jam - Vs.

Nirvana - From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

Pearl Jam - PJ20 :)

As christmas gifts:

Mad Season - Above

Alice in Chains - Facelift

Blind Melon - Blind Melon

Rise Against - Appeal to Reason


That I bought:

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Moist - Machine Punch Through (singles)

I got Seether's new one and Nicki Minaj hahaha (no kiddin)

uhh, i think

Bruno Mars - Doo wops n hooligans

LP - Live in Texas

Evanescence - Evanescence

Mike Posner - 31 minutes to takeoff



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Procellix Cellulite Cream

Dessa- Castor the Twin

Oliver Heart- How I one the write to think

POS- ipecac neat

 (i've been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately)

I just purchased LPUX and LPU Eleven off the LPU store, but the last album I've purchased in a physical store was Metallica's Beyond Magnetic EP.

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