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For me the first reason is their lyricks that are poems for me and without music it's very vibrant and  we could say it in spite of poems as i in English lesson and the hole class think that it was write by Aleksandr Blok or George Byron...

My brother listened to them, so naturally I copied him. :P
The music itself caught my attention, but as a writer I find meaning in the lyrics.

transformers 2:)))

Because my father had the first three albums and I gave them a listen when I was 10 (2007) and I got hooked. Love all their songs and the way they've matured throughout all of it. Very unique.

well.. I don't know exactly what happened, but I remember to watch What I've Done on a music program on the TV and a friend said that the band was amazing, then I went to hear some musics. Since then I'm addicted to them :D when they came to Brazil - and I couldn't go - I was so sad that I stopped to listen them, just now with the new album I'm back !!

Well I remember the moment very clearly. I had only heard the singles. I was at my cousin's house at a city that wasn't mine, alone in bed and not sleepy. He had Meteora so I popped it in my CD player, because I didn't recognize any bands of his other CDs. I pressed play, and instead of writing with music in the background like I had planned, I was just dumbfounded. I stared at the shadowy ceiling as my brain tried to absorb all of the different things that were happening on each track, and how GOOD they all sounded. It was awesome, first time a CD had ever done something like that to me.

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