Lets see how many people like old and how many like the new




let the band know what we think

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Still the same band, not 'old' or 'new' just maturing nicely thanks...
I totally agree :D
Haven't stopped loving them since 2000.

I honestly liked the old linkin park albums better when they were Rap/rock ,numetal,ETC. a thousand suns was a bit more experimental, I really hope that they blend whatever new stuff they are doing with the old LP or have new and old I guess they are trying to attract newer fans. a thousand suns wasn't the best album

Totally agree! I love the band now just as much as I did back then when I got my first LP album.

I prefer the -so called- 'new' sound =)

Justin Fancourt said:

Still the same band, not 'old' or 'new' just maturing nicely thanks...

My favorite songs is the old ones. But I love everuthing they made, but I would be SO awesome if they made af 'Greatest Hits' very soon and toured all over the world!!!!

Definitely the old guitar-driven Linkin Park. I don't care how sensual and meaningful A Thousand Suns is. It's borning, and music is for entertainment. Their old music kicks the new music's ass.
*Boring* (my bad)

I'd love to see them go back to the style of meteora and hybrid theory for sure. Their new stuff is still good, but for me its just not Linkin Park. The 'new' sound ruins their name for me.

There is no old nor new LP, there is only Linkin Park - the best band in the world since 1996.

There is no "old" or "new" Linkin Park, so there can't be a "better" one. It's just Linkin Park, and it's the BEST.

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