whats the best rap u heard from mike.s? faint? going down? place for my head? etc

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there are many but BLEED IT OUT is THE BEST
All of them are great, but I like Bleed it out, When They come for me and Wretches & Kings.

Yeah, I also like them all ;D

But the ones that get quickly in my mind is when he started with Petrified and then he turns to Points Of Authority on the Road To Revolutions DVD, this is soooo cool & powerfull, I listen to it so often !!! And the second is Hands Held High.

Every of his raps has its special thing !!!


dedicated,papercut,high voltage,part of me,reading my eyes,step up,it's going down..etc...every song he raps in :D

a place for my head

I am not a big fan of rapping whether it comes to any artist, but Mike's rapping in Linkin Park is basically okay. But it is kind of difficult to decide which song contains his best rapping. My top songs would probably be Faint, A Place For My Head, Somewhere I Belong, From The Inside, Bleed It Out, and One Step Closer.

Mike's pretty good at singing too.

A Place For My Head and Bleed It Out. 

I love Mike's rapping <3

all raps of mike,its really hard for me to pick one ..... he's really great :)
I love Mike & ALL his raps, but the best one which I felt was in the song "It's Goin' Down" & "Papercut"(duh). :)
all,but the one from bleed it out is awesome,GO STOP THE SHOW,CHOPPY WORDS IN A SLOPPY FLOW,SHOT GUN,I PULL LOCK & LOAD,COCK IT BACK & THEN WATCH IT GO,MAMA HELPED ME,I've been cursed,death is rolling in every verse,Candy paint on his brand new Hearse
Can't contain him he knows he works
fuck this hurts, I won't lie
Doesn't matter how hard I try
Half the words don't mean a thing
And I know that I won't be satisfied
So why try ignoring him?
Make it a dirt dance floor again
Say your prayers and stomp it out
When they bring that chorus in
Most of all i like his rap in In the end,one step closer,points of autority!
i like faint and when they come for me :D, but, all rap about mike is fantastic :D


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